• Blake Schreurs

    Saw this, and wanted to talk about news, and it’s use. Like you, I have unsubscribed from mainstream media, and like you, I don’t think that the US is acting in ways that are not up to what I think our standards should be.

    Thankfully, we are still a nation of the people, and we have the power to change our country for the better. Recently: Gay rights are one thing that we’re working on correcting. This was not some large corporate backed legislation, it was enough people saying “the status quo is stupid, let’s change it”.

    That said, to do so, we have to be informed. We have to know about the Sandy Hooks and Bostons of the world. There are threats from terrorists, both foreign and domestic, who wish to do us harm, and will target innocent civilians like you and me to do it. Now, I’m not saying I need a month’s worth of coverage and a news-magazine dossier on the family of every victim. I need just enough information to understand the threat so that I can form an opinion on how I’d like my country to respond to it.

    For Sandy Hook there were questions about “What is the right to bear arms? What does it mean? What kind of arms? How is this useful in society today?” In that particular case, I did not choose to change my stance on the 2nd amendment.

    I totally get what you mean about not having a place to put that energy. Sitting and stewing in it is unhealthy. I have found that we’re wired to CREATE after a disaster. From an ancient herd/tribe perspective this kinda makes sense: A bad, and your neighbor’s hut collapses, you help rebuild it, (even if he wasn’t your favorite neighbor). Unfortunately, when a tornado hits a city halfway across the nation, or some asshole shoots up a school a few hundred miles away, the “rebuild” response is lost, and there’s little constructive most of us can do.

    So, how can we effectively walk the line between “Tornadoes are an increasing problem, and how will we respond to them” (this shapes policy and keeps people alive) and “Here’s the tornado that hit Billy’s house, and here’s the iPhone video showing his mutilated body” (which is sensationalist crap that really doesn’t help anyone)?

    Ideas are welcome.

  • Joe

    I always have conflicted feelings around this holiday. Every year since 2000 it’s become less a symbol of hope and more a symbol of conflict. However, I can’t simply disconnect and wait for things in this nation to get better.

  • Dylan

    I completely understand what you have to say about the mainstream media. I watch mainstream media to know what’s going on, however, the conclusions that they draw make me pretty irrate. I miss the days of investigative journalism, it was well on it’s way out when I was too young to care. I’ve gotten quite sick of the sensational style of journalism, it seems to be the only kind there is now… I want facts laid out so that I can come up with my own conclusion. I don’t need to watch the same scene from the boston ….[spoiler omitted] incident listening to news anchors continuously GUESS.

    As for that flag flying behind you, I still love it and everything it stands for. It’s not to represent the government, it’s all about the country. Whlie we have our military that’s there to protect us and our ideals, interests, etc.. from foreign threats, it’s people at home we have to depend on to protect us from the domestic ones. Those are the groups like the ACLU and the EFF. Although I don’t completely agree with everything the ACLU supports but this post isn’t meant to spark an intense political debate. It’s about the fact that there are still those out there with the spirit that our country was founded on who are fighting for our rights and liberties.

  • anon

    Personally I follow the news though not religiously, but I watch with sceptical eyes and ears. I prefer some personal news blogs and stories shared by friends online. Using diverse news sources (like Google news) helps to reduce the impact of the information bubble and propaganda. (although with Google news it’s best to avoid certain “sources”)

    Knowledge is power? Education is the start of Freedom! Everyone should try to find a reason to enjoy learning and we’ve all heard it but: learn about anything and everything. The People should get involved with government go and speak their minds politely! Stand up for what is important to them!

  • kik

    (disclaimer : I’m not an american)

    This sounds like defeatism to me. If you’re not happy with the media you see, watch others media (usa is not the only country to produce media, and internet is pretty good at it too).

    You talk about using your energy to something else, but how could your energy be relevant to the world if you don’t understand it ? You’ll end being some kind of mad professor doing useless – even if creative – things.

    I have to confess I had quite the same attitude when I was around 20. I focused on technology and getting expert at it. Then, I realize I had no idea what people around me were talking about. That was a problem, I was becoming autistic. Today, I watch mainstream media from time to time, even if I already know everything they are talking about, and the few things I don’t already know are totally futile. It’s still a good thing : I know what other people have seen and why they think this or that way.

    I have the same conclusion than you : don’t waste your energy.

  • mike

    While I believe mainstream media is full of it, I can’t fully go along with the ignorance is bliss part either… I have been watching other media outlets which I really would like to mention here as a very awesome show called “Breaking The Set”, free to watch. Just so you all know, I have been a Hak5 fan for many many years and am not just stopping by to give this show a plug. It really is one show that I can not say enough good about this show I feel does deserve more attention to help the people of this country and world to encourage change for it’s people.

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