• Spybeck

    Self censorship is something humans do as often and easily as breathing. We may want to save hurt feelings, protect ourselves from losing face or being hurt, withhold information that may counter the point we are trying to present, or possibly protect ourselves from political action. Maybe we do it sometimes to gently expose our ideas to see what other people think without letting people taste the stew simmering in our pot before we think it is it is ready. Possibly to change thinking a spoonful at a time.

  • Don Ixion

    Yeah, I self censor all the time, though with me it is usually to my detriment. I am often so concerned with “protocol” and how others may misinterpret my meaning on an issue or in a personal setting that I will not speak up and say what I know I should say. This particular issue as cost me both business opportunities and personal ones as well. All this on top of being the kind of person who values others who DO NOT censor themselves. I love blunt, hard hitting people that tell you exactly how it is or what is on their mind and yet, I have not mastered that myself.

    I think there are times when we have to censor ourselves, but I have learned in my 39 years of life that it is when we find ourselves doing it ALL the time that is where we have to ask our selves if, perhaps, we are not really where we are supposed to be in life. After all, if you spend 75%+ of your time holding something back, it is likely that your not sure of the people your coming in contact with can really handle the real you. ( my opinion OFC )

  • Knightmare

    I “try” to censor myself and I usually conceal it with sarcasm. I have learned that there is a time and a place I can be my true self. I never hold back when I am with my friends thou. If you can’t handle what I have to say then you have bigger issues that you need to work out.

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