• Don

    You describe your journey vary much like I feel every time I start something new or do something that I simply have never done before. I am constantly asking myself ” Gee, How did I get here? ” Or ” Am I really good enough to be here doing what I am doing? ” I think it is normal to feel out of sorts when you go on a “mission” doing things you do not normally do in places you have never gone before. Now that I say it, It seems a lot like going on a walkabout where your just going and going until you meet yourself some place you never knew you would be.

    Oh, and that thing your describing where you are questioning how you have so many of these other people as friends and question how they find any value in you.. Yeah, that is not only humility, but it is also a vary deep form of gratitude for the people who you call friends and family and also an affirmation that you really are worth something to so many people.

    In any event, I am glad your around. I learn a lot not only from Hak5, but from your “Walkabouts” in the real world.

    Go easy man and enjoy those disconnected times. The internet is great, but some times the best things happen when your computer insists there just aint no tubes to connect with ;).

  • Langleyo

    The journey is Life. Enjoy it. I laughed at your ‘in space no one can hear you scream’ thing. Reminds me of when I was birdwatching in Lincolnshire in a room with soundproofing. I kinda got lost in singing and fooling around like Star Wars Kid. No having to worry about what people think. It’s great to have such freedom of expression without having to be guarded.

    Thanks to your podcasts, my own journeys are taking on new impetus. At the tender age of 49 I have taken to walking the Earth like Caine from Kung Fu. 🙂 My new hobby is ninja camping. I’m also carrying camera gear and my trusty Kindle sidekick, Wilson. Some of my hak5 inspired images are over on http://www.flicker.com/photos/Langleyo/

    Your enthusiasm for life is inspiring, and long may you continue to trust that technolust.

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