Answer this week’s trivia question correctly and be randomly selected (using Evil Server’s patented darts-at-a-hard-drive choosing technique) to win this weeks prize!

What was the question?

Watch the episode to find out! If you missed it, flip the cassette over, fast-forward, flip it back again and rewatch the episode. In rare cases the trivia question can be found on the B-Side.

How do I know if I won?

Here at Hak5’s BIG TRIVIA BLOW OUT everyone’s a winner! (except for those who do warez)

If Evil Server randomly selects you he tie you to your computer chair with a DAT tape and force you to watch Hak5 season 1 in slow motion we will email you asking for a mailing address to send your prize!

What’s my prize?

Gremlins We either told you this week what it would be, or will surprise you and tell you when we announce you as our winnar!

Why do Pandas eat bamboo?

It keeps them from gnawing on your soul

Should you be the randomly selected winner we will contact you via email requesting a mailing address to send the Hak5 goodies. Your email address will not be used in any other way. We will not spam you. We will not feed your email address to Evil Server.

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