Need a new TV? Good ones are so cheap! Camera sensors and picture quality, Amazon Echo Multi-Room Audio!
00:50 Hurricane Prep & $1000 Phones
First reviews of the Galaxy Note 8 are in. Is it us, or is $1000 for a phone just too damn much money??? Will the iPhone cost even more? Hurricaines and wildfires are raging: is your tech ready?

9:30 Let’s Learn About Sensor Sizes!!!
Manuel loved Shannon’s talk about shutter speeds, ISO, and aperture and suggests a talk about sensor sizes, picture quality, and lenses! We talk sensor sizes from smart phones to Full Frame DSLRs and how they impact your photos in the video!

19:45 40″ TV Pick & Best Bargain 4K HDR TV
Richard needs a 40″ TV for his main viewing and has a $2000 budget. We talk about the $650 television we’d buy (TCL’s P-Series), the $250 television that will fit in his built in, and why we’d look at projectors on his budget!

22:49 Multi-Room Audio w/ Amazon Echo!
Don emailed a link to the Verge’s Amazon Echo Multi Room Music Playback How To… and you can sign up to be emailed if you’re waiting for Amazon Alexa’s full integration on SONOS!

22:50 SONOS or Privacy?
Meanwhile, PacNW Fan emails, “So are you going to chose Sonos or your privacy? You will be only able to have one. If you don’t care about the privacy, good chance you can pick up a Sonos speaker on the cheap soon :)” We’re not so sure about that!

31:38 Do Something Analog…
Like Forrest, who sent in a amazing eclipse photo he took in Knoxville, Tn. Thanks, Forrest!
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TekThing 141 – Buy The $250 TCL TV, Camera Sensor Sizes, SONOS or Privacy, $1000 Phones Suck!

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