Best Desktop USB Charger, System76 Galago Pro Laptop, LineageOS Android, Hacking Security Pros!
1:50 Ultimate USB Charger!
Curt, aka @farmboy24 tweets, “Patrick what are you using to charge all of the phones and tablets in your household? Done w plugging them into my PC. Thxs” We LOVE Anker’s Desktop USB Chargers, they even have a 10 port 60 Watt charger now! More info in the video!

5:50 System76 Galago Pro
Folks have asked about about Shannon’s XPS 13 running Linux, and for more Linux laptop reviews. Today Shannon reviews the System76 Galago Pro 13″ Ubuntu Laptop!

16:46 Is There Any Reason To Root Android Phones?
@Nerd_Shark69 tweets, “are there any reasons to root Android phones nowadays especially with more and more apps just not working on them?” There are a lot of reasons to root your Android gear (Pure Android!), and, thanks to Lifehacker, we know LineageOS has taken over for Cyanagenmod.

22:51 Hacking Security Pros
Shannon’s back from AusCERT 2017, where she and Hak5’s Darren Kitchen delivered a talk called “Exploiting the Universal Attack Vector.” Which, it turns out, involved hacking hackers! Watch the full talk on AusCERT’s YouTube.

25:42 10 Years of StreetView!
“Seven continents, 83 countries, millions of miles, one epic road trip,” and, yes, StreetView still gets weird…

27:46 Do Something Analog!
Like hold a Koala… respectfully. (Holding koalas is a hot debate topic.) Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is a respected place to admire, and cuddle, Australian wildlife!
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TekThing 127 – System76 Galago Pro Linux Laptop, Ultimate USB Charger, LineageOS Android, Hacking Security Pros!

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