Nintendo Switch Battery Help, Brave Browser Review, 1More Quad Driver, V-Moda Forza, Audeze iSine, Best Earbuds!
01:31 Ninteno Switch
We’ve got Legend of Zelda™: Breath of the Wild, and a full review of Nintendo’s new home/mobile system in the video, including a tip on how to increase its battery life!
My portable battery for the Nintendo Switch:
Charging the Switch:
Charging the Switch:

17:38 Brave Browser Review
Marcus writes, “Could you please review the brave browser on your show – are there any advantages over Chrome?” Absolutely! We talk about Brave browser’s built in ad blocking and privacy protection features, the Brave Payment system, and why you might want to run it in the video!

27:27 Best Earbuds!
1More’s Triple Driver earbuds are one of the best bargains in great audio we’ve heard… we review 1More’s new Quad Driver In-Ear, V-Moda’s Forza, and talk about the amazing Audeze iSine 10 and 20 in ear planar magnetic headphones!

38:53 Is My VPN Safe???
Doug writes, “You have convinced me that having a VPN is necessary when using public WiFi. A few years ago, I bought a 3 year subscription to VPN Unlimited before a trip overseas. Have you heard anything about VPN Unlimited? Is it one of the decent ones, or should I look elsewhere?” We discuss VPN Unlimited’s features in the review, whether it works with Torrents, and why activists might want to look elsewhere (Props to TechRader for that one!) in the video!

44:45 Do something Analog!
Like finding a 24 hour diner and getting an amazing breakfast on at 2AM!!!
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TekThing 115 – Nintendo Switch, Brave Browser Review, 1More Quad Driver, V-Moda Forza, Audeze iSine, Best Earbuds!

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