Google Daydream View VR, Monoprice $199 M560 planar, Audioquest NightOwl headphone reviews! Doctor Who -is- online!
02:16 Daydream View VR Headset by Google
Shannon’s got a full review of the $79 Daydream View running on her Pixel… check the video!

13:27 3 Incredibly Useful Free Apps!
Find out why 7-Zip, SD Card Formatter 4.0, Live Linux Boot CDS (like Ubuntu, Puppy Linux, or Kali), VLC Media Player, and WiFi Analyzer are so useful in the show!

19:50 Monoprice Monolith M560 Planar Headphones
The $199 Monoprice M560 are -not- the cheapest planar magnetic headphones out there, that’d be the Fostex T50RP MK3… but do the Monoprice sealed cans sound $70 better than the T50RP? Watch the video!

25:24 Audioquest NightOwl Sealed Headphones
Patrick’s current fave headphones are Audioquest’s NightHawk for All The Music (or Blu-rays at 2 AM), tho their (very) natural sound drives some audiophiles crazy. The new NightOwl Carbon are sealed, not semi-open, come with two sets of earpads to tune the audio and fit, and a new tuning… How do they compare? Watch the video!

30:34 CES 2017!
We’re going, and we want to know what want us to cover… email or tweet @snubs, @patricknorton or @tekthing!!! Plus TekThing is having a meetup there: Atomic Liquors in Las Vegas on Friday, January 6 at 7pm!

31:14Laptops with 16 GB RAM?
Scott from CT wrote, “with the lack of a good MacBook Pro this year, I am thinking of going to Windows. What would be a good p.c w/ 16gigs of ram and an ssd drive.” Our recommendations in the video!

34:09 Dr. Who Is Online!
Jerry summed up something a lot of y’all sent our way, “in case no one else has let you know, Doctor Who is available to stream on Amazon.” Thanks!

36:48 100 episodes. Thank you so much!!!
Patrick says thank you to all the folks that sent videos!!!
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TekThing 100 – Google Daydream View VR, Monoprice M560, Audioquest NightOwl, 16GB Laptops, Watch Doctor Who Online!

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