Hak5 Gear Sponsorships

Hak5 offers signature gear for contests, CTF prizes and conferences. While the crew is unable to attend all events, they do have a passion for supporting the information security community whenever possible. If you are interested in having Hak5 sponsor your event with a Hak5 Gear package, please fill out this form. When contacting Hak5, please allow 2-4 weeks for shipment of the products.

A receipt detailing retail value of Hak5 products will be included for charitable donations.

Please note: Sponsored packages are marked as ‘gifts’, however, we have no control over customs or import duties. Please refer to the information listed here.

Sponsored Events

Sponsorship Tiers

We offers three sponsorship tiers. Please pick the one that best serves your needs.

Tier Hak5 Gear Included

Best for 1500+ event attendance

8 Giveaways:
WiFi Pineapple TETRA
WiFi Pineapple NANO
Bash Bunny
LAN Turtle SD
2x USB Rubber Ducky
2x Packet Squirrel
+Stickers & Hak5 swag

Best for 500+ attendance

6 Giveaways:
WiFi Pineapple NANO
Bash Bunny
LAN Turtle SD
2x USB Rubber Ducky
Packet Squirrel
+Stickers & Hak5 swag

Best for 500 and below attendance

4 Giveaways:
WiFi Pineapple NANO
USB Rubber Ducky
LAN Turtle SD
Packet Squirrel
+Stickers & Hak5 swag

Cross Promotion

Hak5 requests the following cross-promotion in exchange for sponsorship:

  • Shoutout during prize ceremony. 
  • Hak5 Logo in event guide and on website listed as Sponsor.
  • Tweet / Facebook / Social posts promoting the sponsorship with @hak5. (Ideally with our brands together – event photos with our products and your logo that we can retweet.)

Please use Hak5’s social network tags so Hak5 can promote your social posts. We’d love to see pictures from your event, potentially including prize winners with their new gear!

Hak5 Logos

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Why a Code of Conduct?

A Code of Conduct informs attendees of what is expected of them and how issues are resolved. The policy allows attendees to have a reporting system in the event of harassment or other incidents. Hak5 seeks to foster an inclusive information security community. As such we align our brand with events that share these values.

For reference on implementing a Code of Conduct for your event, please reference: