Renowned information security devices for penetration testers and IT professionals


The best penetration testers know that with the right tools and a few seconds of physical access, all bets are off. Since 2005 Hak5 has been developing just such tools – combining lethal power, elegance and simplicity.


USB Rubber Ducky

The USB Rubber Ducky is a keystroke injection tool disguised as a generic flash drive. Computers recognize it as a regular keyboard and automatically accept its pre-programmed keystroke payloads at over 1000 words per minute.

Bash Bunny

By emulating combinations of trusted USB devices — like gigabit Ethernet, serial, flash storage and keyboards — the Bash Bunny tricks computers into divulging data, exfiltrating documents, installing backdoors and many more exploits.


Simple and effective. These stealthy Ethernet multi-tools are expandable platforms for remote access and man-in-the-middle. Their discreet nature allows them to easily blend into network environments.


Packet Squirrel

The Packet Squirrel by Hak5 is a stealthy pocket-sized man-in-the-middle.
This Ethernet multi-tool is designed to give you covert remote access, painless packet captures, and secure VPN connections with the flip of a switch.

LAN Turtle

USB Ethernet adapters with covert backdoors. These seemingly innocent USB Ethernet adapters are discreet remote access toolkits and man-in-the-middles for penetration testers and systems administrators.


At the core of the WiFi Pineapple is PineAP, an advanced suite of wireless penetration testing tools for reconnaissance, man-in-the-middle, tracking, logging and reporting. Utilizing our unique hardware design, PineAP is the most effective rogue access point suite available.


WiFi Pineapple TETRA

The WiFi Pineapple TETRA is a rock solid dual-band penetration testing base station with exceptional performance.

Its two discreet dual-band (2.4/5 GHz) Atheros radios leverage a PCI Express bus for stability and speed.

WiFi Pineapple NANO

Engineered from the ground up, The WiFi Pineapple NANO was first stripped to its core. Then building on the successes and feedback from its predecessors, we developed a platform centered around performance and usability.