Windows 10 Upgrade Ransomware, Thunderstrike 2 Mac Hack, New TOR Anonymity Attack

Don’t click on links in email. Ever. Especially if they claim to be Windows 10 upgrade links, ‘cause CTB Locker Ransomware hurts. Does the latest TOR attack spell DOOM for privacy, or is it overrated and fairly easy to spoof? The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit reversed a lower court decision tossing out a class action lawsuit over at 2014 data breach at Neiman Marcus, and, hey, how much is your stolen identity worth, anyhow? Meanwhile Thunderstrike 2 takes the Mac OS X firmware attack to the next level. Watch the video to find out more!

Fake Windows 10 Upgrade Ransomware:
Deanonymize TOR With 88% Accuracy. Maybe:
US Courts Taking Data Breach Victims Seriously:
How Much Is Your Stolen Identity Worth:
Thunderstrike 2 Firmware Mac OS X Firmware Attack:

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