• Jose

    lol, i never heard of using metasploit to do do user remote troubleshooting! and you took a pic of your mom via her webcam, hilarious.

  • shutin

    I love the idea of a MEtasploit Minute, but can you please utilize mubix’s vast knowledge of metasploit and have something more substantial than “what is a vulnerability” and “how to install metasploit on windows”? I mean, anyone could give that talk. I want to hear about undocumented tips and tricks of the trade. Please, elevate.

  • Katrina Lowe

    Loved this! I work in cyber security but on the Marketing/Communications side and I’m always partnering up with our Security Researcher to edit his videos on Metasploit and other hacking/exploit tools and honestly been going over my head. This broke down everything in such a comprehensible way! Now if only I could learn how to do some of those exploits myself 😉

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