Threat Wire 0041 – Is Microsoft’s Backdoor Open to the NSA?

Is TPM a Windows backdoor? The Syrian Electronic Army attacks Twitter, and exposes over 70 million users. All that and more this time on Threat Wire!


  • FullRagnarock

    Windows is good for one thing and that is gaming. I run windows 7 on my gaming machine. I primarily use Ubuntu and Backbox. Windows will be useless once all the games can be ported over to linux flawlessly without a crap ton of hoops to jump through. steam already started orting their games over to linux once we can play battlefield and borderlands on linux i will no longer have a use for windows and for microsoft compatable documents thats why there is google docs.

  • tz

    TPM is basically Microsoft giving their master keys to the NSA so they can put whatever malware – key loggers, desktop viewers, whatever – onto any TPM platform without any warning

  • Michael

    Well something I can recall from a number of years ago, with office I think it was 2007 one day Microsoft Office wanted me to send ‘Data’ to Microsoft, this so called data, was everything I had typed into Word over a few weeks, it was all just plain text, but that freaked the hell out of me, at the time.

    Kind of makes me think now, that there was a little more behind that data then just helping Microsoft improve there software.

    The sad thing is, while I was working at a company, my soup had all the company’s passwords, to all the company servers. Now he did password protect the file, but it seems kind of pointless. And this place was contracted by the my Government and Google.

    Kind of makes me wonder, you know.

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