TekThing 93 – Nasty New Comcast Cap, GlassWire Firewall, Audiophile Picks RMAF 2016, Galaxy Note 7 Cancelled!!!

Will Comcast’s Data Cap Cost You? GlassWire Firewall, RMAF Audiophile Picks, Note 7 Cancelled!
00:45 Comcast Caps More States!
@nofreesupport, aka Evil Engineer tweets, “Can you cover Comcast implementing the 1 TB cap for 18 states starting Nov. 1st? The entire West Coast is screwed…” Check the video!

06:54 GlassWire Firewall!
GlassWire looks gorgeous, but can it really reveal all the apps secretly using your network? Find out in the video!

16:26 Awesome Audio From RMAF 2016
Audiophile gear at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest? Patrick’s picks include Audeze iSINE In-Ear Planar Magnetic Headphones, Roon’s “music player for music lovers,” and Elac’s Unfi-Fi Slim Towers and Integrated Amp, and a half dozen more! (That starter combo: Fiio X1 & 1MORE’s Triple In Ear Headphones!)
https://www.amazon.com/X1-II-Resolution-Lossless-Player-Generation/dp/B01M1KSUJX/ ]]

FreshBooks Deal!
Our sponsor, FreshBooks, is offering a month of unrestricted use to all of our listeners ­ totally free right now, and you don’t need a credit card for the trial. To claim your free month, go to FreshBooks.com/TekThing, a?nd enter TekThing ?in the “How Did You Hear About Us?” section!

24:49 Samsung Cancels Galaxy Note 7
Andrew wrote, “Have you been experiencing this in the US? Samsung S7 have been recalled because they are spontaneously combusting and the replacements are doing the same.” It’s worldwide, Samsung ended production, return your Note 7 now.

28:16 Best USB Charger & Cables?
Jeff’s been testing USB chargers and posted on facebook.com/tekthing, “I’ve noticed a lot of variances. I could buy a cheap ac adapter that kills it with 2500mAh charges, but after 2 weeks it starts to hum and drops down to barely 450mAh. What have you found to be the best cables and ac adapters?” Answer in the video!

31:06 Mizage Divvy Manages All The Windows!
Blake wrote to [email protected], “I’ve been working on ultra widescreens for a while. I really recommend Divvy from Mizage to help manage all those windows.” Thanks, Blake!

32:20 Do Something Analog!
Like Nicky, who says, “My tip for something analogue: go see a car race, it’s awesome!” Pix from the European Le Mans Series at Spa-Francorchamps in the video!
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