TekThing 79 – Lightning Headphones: Audeze SINE & Cipher, Chrome Remote Desktop vs. VPN, Inkjet Printer Picks!

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00:33 – Audeze SINE Lightning Headphones
Is the headphone jack on smartphones a dead jack walking? What’s life like with out a 3.5mm audio jack? We’ve got a hand on review of the new Audeze SINE planar magnetic on ear headphones and Cipher Lightning cable.

08:35 – Chrome Remote Desktop – VPNs vs RDPs
Doc53 writes, “Shannon, You talk a lot about using VPN’s when one is away from home, i.e. free hotel internet. For the average person, setting up a VPN is daunting and can be expensive. Chrome Remote Desktop is quick and easy to use. Am I fooling myself thinking I am protected? Is Chrome Remote Desktop an RDP or VPN? It has AES encryption. What is your opinion of Chrome Remote Desktop?” Watch the video to find out, and keep an eye on your Recently Used Devices!

17:36 – All-in-One Inkjet Printer Picks!
Kevin tweets, “what is a really good printer that is wireless and prints great and is inexpensive?” Find out why you might want Epson’s EcoTank SuperTank, Canon’s Pixma MG5720 Wireless Inkjet All-in-One, or Brother’s MFC-J985DW Work Smart All-in-One in the show.

20:28 – Speed Up Satellite Internet Ping Time?
Carlos writes in, “My mother in laws lives out in the country in southern Arizona, zip 85629. She currently has Hughes Net. The ping is anywhere from 600-800. Download is actually decent at 17mbps or Mbps not sure which. Anyways kind of limited on choices of Internet. I’m afraid going to someone else might not make a difference.” We explain why satellite ping times are so slooooooow in the video, and what the theoretical fastest possible ping time is!

22:50 – Laptop CPU Upgrade Suggestion
Bob blew us away with an idea for upgrading Andrew’s laptop w/ a new CPU, “I think you gave Andrew an incomplete answer. His Dell inspiron CPU is replaceable, but he has to replace the system board. The nice thing about the Dell Inspiron, while not as pretty as ultrathin, is designed to be totally user serviceable. The directions for replacing the system board are in the owner’s manual and are step-by-step straightforward.” What would that cost, and where can you buy a new mobo? Info in the show. Thanks, Bob!

24:25 – Wireless Backup For Cable Modem?
Pete’s “looking for some kind of backup to my primary Internet Connection, while it has been very reliable over the years I have had a few issues like their Power Brick Failing (they had a bad batch) several times (of course on over a long holiday weekend) and even a modem failure and most recently a power surge that took out their battery backup unit. Something cellular would be nice. Do you have any suggestions for something relatively inexpensive? My firewall has multiple WAN Connections and supports fail-over / fail-back so I am thinking I just need some kind of cellular router?” Let us know if you have an suggestion!

25:56 – Do Something Analog:
Remember … once in awhile… put down the phone, step away from the screen, close the laptop… and do something analog, like Peter, who writes, “Here is something analogue: Salad! Specifically growing your own salad, but I can’t say salad greens. Take a look.” Thanks Pete!

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