TekThing 76 – PocketCHIP Review, Cell Phone Hijacking, 7 Great Games from E3, Add Audio To Skype, Dead Battery?

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02:08 – PocketCHIP & CHIP HDMI DIP!
The PocketCHIP handheld touchscreen, keyboard and battery for the $9 CHIP PC is here, and we’ve got a review, along with the DIP HDMI board! And here’s that Hackerboards comparison of 81 single board computers we found on Lifehacker.

08:48 – 7 Great Games From E3, WWDC!
Scorpio is the 4K 60Hz Xbox One our developers wanted, Watch OS 3 is gonna make the Apple Watch run the way you wish it did… everybody wants to play Inside… Apple Pay vs PayPal, and soooo many games are coming from E3! Shannon says the XBox One Slim is pretty, but she’s more excited about Skyrim being remastered, the new Quake, and ZELDA!!! (There’s also Mass Effect Andromeda, a Batman Arkham VR game, Resident Evil Biohazard 7…) Thinking Apple, there’s updates for iOS 10 (Are A5 powered iOS devices off the list?), OS X is now MacOS (what’s up w/ Watch OS logging into your Mac?), updates for Apple TV, and Swift Playgrounds.
http://www.apple.com/tv/ http://www.theverge.com/circuitbreaker/2016/6/14/11930760/apple-tv-games-controller-remote-requirement

21:14 – Block Mobile Phone Hijacking!!!
It’s time to lock down your mobile phone… Your mobile phone account could be hijacked by an identity thief w/ just the last 4 digits of your SS# and your name. Here’s the stories from Buzzfeed and the FTC, both have info on how to contact your mobile provider and add more security!

24:40 – Voicemeeter: Audio To Skype!
Want to mix multiple channels of audio, say two mics, or game audio and your mic into Skype? VB-AUDIO’s Voicemeeter can make it happen for free!

26:19 – New Battery Or Update BIOS???
Andrew writes: “I have a problem that I’m not sure how to proceed. Today I booted up my laptop (Dell Inspiron 3521), and during the boot up sequence saw the message “Your battery has experienced permanent failure and needs to be replaced”, which is confirmed in the system BIOS. I thought the obvious solution was to get a new battery, however after a little searching online, it was suggested that I should update the BIOS. If I tried to perform the update with a failed battery, could it do more harm than good? Should I try the update or simply buy another battery?” Our answers are in the show!

28:10 – Apartment Friendly Security Tech?
Brandon writes: “My fiancée and I just moved into a new apartment together. It’s not the worst place in town to live but it’s also not the best. I am slightly paranoid and want to take all of the personal security measures I can possibly take that won’t break our lease. Do you guys have any recommendations for temporary or portable wireless security systems?” We’ve got info on the Ring doorbell, Canary camera, SimpliSafe alarms, flood lights, CrimeMapping, and more!

33:43 – Do Something Analog!!!
And remember … once in a while… put down the phone, step away from the screen, close the laptop… and do something analog, like look at the moon, see a planet you don’t recognize, then fire up Distant Suns to figure out if that’s really Jupiter!!!

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