TekThing 73 – Best Two Factor Authentication App! Earbuds from 1MORE, Focal, & Sennheiser. Where Should I Upscale?

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Lastpass vs. Authy vs. Duo vs. Google Authenticator
All of these are free to use, available for iOS and Android, and allow you to set up 2FA on your phone for online accounts by scanning a QR code. But is Lastpass or Authy or Duo or Google Authenticator the best two factor authentication app? Watch the video to find out!

100-$150 Earbud Roundup
Whether you calll ’em earbuds or in ear monitors or in ear headphones, we heard some amazing audio coming out of 1More’s Triple Driver, Focal’s Sphear, and Sennheiser’s Momentum. Wondering which one sounds best and why? Watch the show!

Should My Blu-Ray Player or TV Do The Upscaling?
We had a viewer question that Robert answered while he was here… Dave S wrote, “When I purchased and hooked my new Denon AVR-X2200W I noticed that the video 4K processing was not as good as the X3200W on my Samsung JS8500 4K TV (my wife noticed also which surprised me because she could careless about AV stuff.) Robert H said to just let the TV do the up scale instead but it sdoes not look as good as the X3200W. The only setting i notice on the specs was that the HDMI scaling was at 60/50hz compared to 30/25/24hz on the lower version receiver (x2200W). Can that really be the reason?” Answer in the video!

DIY Soil Moisture Measurement!
Jim writes, “Measuring soil moisture can be done by burying a block of Plaster of Paris with two wires running parallel and close together. The resistance between the wires will vary as the moisture changes. I have done this for ecology research. We used ohmmeters but with an Arduino you could automate a sprinkler. This was way back in the times of IBM 360 & PDP 8 so never tried to automate.I Live with 40 inches of rain a year and a brook in the backyard so have no reason to hack it.” Thanks, Jim!

Another Awesome Gaming Keyboard
Paul writes, “Take a look at the K95 RGB. It comes in Red and Brown keys. I was very lucky and got the Blue which was only out for a short time. This is a FULL SIZE keyboard, but just like the K70. Both keyboards are awesome. The crazy programming you can do is amazing.” Learn more about customizing your G-Keys in the video!

Do Something Analog:
And remember … once in awhile… put down the phone, step away from the screen, close the laptop… and do something analog, like sneak into a playground at night and rock the swings!!!

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