TekThing 65 – Logitech Connect Review, Best Podcast Apps, Odroid C2 Speed, Delete All The Accounts! Class D Amps?

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Today’s topics:
FBI Drops Apple Suit…
They found a way to hack it without Apple’s help.

Raspberry Pi Amazon Echo?
Mark emails, “Could you demo how to setup a raspberry pi to run as an amazon echo?” Yes… as soon as our new USB mic shows up! (We’ve thrown out every USB mic and/or adapter that doesn’t require a driver. Hard to call Alexa w/out a mic!)

Get Odroid C2 for Less…
A shout out to viewer Andrew for the heads up on Ameridroid… US distributor for Hardkernal Odroid boxes… so no $16 shipping and waiting for it to arrive from Korea. Also, Jeff Geerling, of PiDramble fame, has benchmarks for networking over the Odroid’s Gigabit vs. the Pi3 10/100 Ethernet… (Hint: Odroid is WAY faster.)


Best Podcast Apps for Android?
@Bphays tweets, “@TekThing Any chance of reviewing the top Podcasting apps for #Android and my new S7Edge in future episode?” Yup! We’ve got the word on Pocket Casts, BeyondPod, Doggcatcher, and Podcast Addict in the video!

Logitech Connect ConferenceCam Review
Need a better way to host video conferences and don’t want to spend thousands? Check out our review of Logitech’s Connect ConferenceCam… can this battery powered wide angled cylinder make it easy to get a half dozen folks on Skype or a Hangout?

What Accounts Am I Signed Up For?
Jeremy writes, “Hey Shannon and Patrick, When you guys were on Tekzilla Shannon mentioned a site you can go to and type your email in and see what sites you have signed up with that email. What was that site called?” Good question… Shannon says namechk.com and justdelete.me make it super easy to delete (or just find) your old accounts!

Amp Camp Amp
“How can you set the Amp Camp Amp on the table in front of you and not discuss it? How does it sound? What kind of preamp is required? How does it compare to the other amps from DIYaudio?” asks Ken in Portland, OR. Answers in the show!

Affordable Amps For Great Music?
Michael writes, “I watched your review of the ELAC bookshelf speakers and interview with Andrew Jones, and really like the idea of a quality sub $500 speaker. So I went and ordered a set of the B5’s. Now I’m looking for a small form factor single/dual input amp to pair with these awesome little speakers.” We talk affordable amp options (and why you shouldn’t rule out Class D amps) in the show!

Do Something Analog!
Walt says, “I recently took the leap and bought a Stormtrooper armor kit from Anovos and have been building it as screen accurate as possible. This is the latest picture – working on the legs next and hoping to have it done before Free Comic Book Day in May.” Woot! Check out the pic in the video!

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