TekThing 53 – CES 2016: Razer Blade Stealth, ELAC Uni-Fi, Privoro Privacy, 4k OLED, Drone Madness, AddWash & More!

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Today’s topics:
00:23 – CES 2016:
it’s big, it’s bad, and while it’s crowded with gorgeous 4K OLED TVs, and waaaay to many drones, we found some great tech to talk about!

02:02 – LG 18-inch rollable OLED
The resolution won’t blow your mind, but watching this OLED screen get rolled up… woah!

Best New TVs???
Who’s got the best looking 4KUHD and 1080p TVs at CES? What’s the story on Ultra HD Blu-ray? Are there any new Projectors? Is Sharp back??? Robert Heron joins us with the news on the best new screens at CES!

12:38 – Netflix Goes Global…
OK, we said 130 countries in the video, but it’s actually 190 countries. Netflix just added 130 new countries, so everybody in the world outside of China, North Korea, Syria, and Crimea can watch House of Cards!

13:30 – Oculus Rift Ship Date!
How much is it? When does it ship? Can you pre-order? Deets in the video!

14:47 – Faster Home Routers:
Need more bandwidth at home? We talk Ignition Design Labs, Portal, D-Link’s DKT-891 Unified Home Wi-Fi Network Kit, Linksys EA9500 MAX-STREAM AC5400, and Asus XG-D2008 10Gigabit Switch in the video!

18:20 – ili Wearable Translator: http://www.iamili.com/
Privoro Privacy Smart Guard: https://www.privoro.com/
Playstation VR: https://www.playstation.com/en-au/explore/ps4/features/playstation-vr/
Intel’s RealSense Drone: http://www.yuneec.com/
Razer Blade Stealth Ultrabook and Core: http://www.razerzone.com/gaming-systems/razer-blade-stealth

29:30 – Speaker Bargain:
ELAC’s Uni-Fi UB5 Bookshelf Speakers sound like $2200 speakers, but only cost $500, and their Debut series start under $200 http://elac.us/

Falsetto Link:
A wireless, portable, pocket sized, wireless storage box that can run for hours underwater? Cool

Audioquest DACs:
Audioquest drops the price of the DragonFly with the Black, powers up for power hungry headphones with the Red, and plans on making Bluetooth audio better with the Beetle. audioquest.com

Beer Printing?
More like automated home brewing, but Picobrew and Brewie both want to make DIY beer a lot easier. picobrew.com brewie.org

Patrick’s obsessed with Samsung’s AddWash, aka the WF50K7500AV, which well, watch the video.

36:25 – Other mentions:
Parrot Disco Drone: http://www.parrot.com/usa/
Bitdefender Box: http://www.bitdefender.com/box/
Cujo: https://www.getcujo.com/
Luma: https://getluma.com/

More CES?
It’s coming Next Week!

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