Google Pixel 2 XL Has A Great Camera! Google Drive & Hangouts Spam, Headphone DAC+Amp Pick, Which HD Audio Player?
00:48 30 Day Security Challenge
Have you checked out Shannon’s 30 Day Security challenge at at or If not, head over and build up your security and privacy online, one step at a time!

01:26 Google Pixel 2 XL Review!
An amazing camera, a sub-par screen, and a ton of power. Let’s talk Google Pixel 2 XL! Can teh screen be fixed? How good is the camera? Should you upgrade from the Pixel XL? Does the Pixel 2 have the same problems? Answers are in the video!

12:45 Chromebox Monitor Recco
CaffineFreeDave tweets, “I have a 4GB chromebox what monitor should I look at getting???” We’ve gota answers in the video!

13:52 Move Google Authenticator To New Phone
From the “upgrading my Android phone department, Sean, aka @xfactor99 tweets, “Snubs Is there a way to move all my Google authenticator to a new Android phone? Don’t want to reset them up again” There’s a reason Shannon uses Authy… watch the video to find out why!


15:30 Which HD Audio Player?
Justin tweets, “What is your HD audio player of choice nowadays? Budget choice? I’m so new at this…” We talk Fiio X1 and X3, Astell & Kern’s AK Jr, and more in the video!

Super Junior x AK Jr

17:22 DAC+Amp Recco
Joe bought a pair of Audioquest’s Nighthawks after Patrick’s review and writes, “I thought it might be time to buy my first dac+amp combo unit. I was curious, in your opinion, what pairs well with the Hawks.” Audioquest’s Dragonfly and Schiit’s Fulla 2 are great entry level options. (JDS Labs Element is great for home use!) There are some things you should do -before- you buy a DAC+Amp… like learn about FLAC, and upgrade your streaming services!

DragonFly Series

20:32 Google Drive Spam
John writes, “I’ve been getting notifications on my phone lately that someone is sharing a file to me google drive. If I click it on my phone i can view it. Then when I go into my drive, said file is there. The problem is these are unsolicited, and the ones I’ve been getting are… lets just say they are google Doc files offering me services.” We discuss Google Hangouts and Drive spam in the video!

23:44 Do Something Analog!
Like Robert, who writes, “This past weekend me and my son went on a discovery flight at a flight school at our local airport. We both absolutely loved it.” Thanks, Robert… he sent pics for the video!!!
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TekThing 150 – Google Pixel 2 XL: How Bad Is The Screen? Google Drive Spam, DAC + Amp Picks!

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