Krack WiFi Attack: What You Can DO!!! Logitech MX Ergo Wireless Trackball Review, How Much To Scan 3000 Photos???
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It’s called Krack, it breaks the security on every Wi-Fi device that uses WPA2 (which means pretty much all WiFi devices), and can give outsiders access to the packets on your network. Should you panic? It’s patched on Windows already, but what about your router or phone? Watch the video to find what you need to do! (And, hey, start running HTTPS Everywhere today!)

13:34 Logitech MX Ergo Wireless Trackball
The MX Ergo wireless trackball is Logitech’s first new trackball in seven years… it’s wireless, connects via Bluetooth or the bundled Logitech Unifying USB dongle, offers adjustable ergonometric features, and a slick precision button. Does it all work??? Full review in the video!

22:20 Digitizing Negatives w/ Memories Renewed
Several months ago on the show Shannon talked about how she had a ton of negatives to get digitized… she chose Wirecutter’s top pick, Memories Renewed, sent off a box of 3000 negatives, and waited seven months. How did it turn out? Watch the video! /

34:18 Keep Kids From Stuffing Toys In Speaker Vents
Got speakers, or vents in your desktop PC case? @nightryder21 tweeted, “@patricknorton just got a pair of Elac Debut B6. Ideas on stopping my child from stuffing them w/ toys thru bass port?” Many… watch the video!

38:58 Do Something Analog
Like Jay, who suggests that next time we’re “in LA, stop by and pay tribute to the grand old lady… our very own U.S.S. Iowa (BB-61). The first of ship of her line (the Iowa class is arguably the world’s last class of truly actionable Battleships ever built) and she’s seen a lot in her time.” Watch the video for more!

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TekThing 147 – Krack WiFi Attack, Logitech MX Ergo Wireless Trackball, 3000 Photos Scanned!!!

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