00:44 Hak 5 Party
If you’re near San Francisco on October 20th, our friends at Hak5 are launching three new pentesting tools, and throwing a party to celebrate. It’s free, 7PM on October 20th, 2017, RSVP here!



02:00 SNES Classic Review and Giveaway!
We’ve got a review of Nintendo’s new SNES Classic, explain why you shouldn’t pay scalper prices on eBay, show you how to find one cheap with NowInStock.net, and walk you through how to win an NES Classic from us! (Giveaway rules here!)

15:07 Why Is VPN on a router a PITA?
@KenpoB10 tweeted, “Why can’t setting up a VPN on your router be as simple as it is with mobile?!” Great question… we explain why setting up and running VPN on a home router sucks in the video! (And, yes, Shannon and Patrick still use PIA for VPN.)


19:59 $80 WiFi Router vs. $400 Mesh Eero!
Cory emailed [email protected], “In the mesh network episode can you go over the difference between a mesh network and a network with access points? Advantages? Disadvantages?” We use a TP-Link Archer C7 WiFi Router and a Eero Mesh WiFi system to show the differneces in speed, convenience, price, and more in the video!

29:20 Facebook Purity Hack
After we talked about hiding photos on Facebook last week, several of you suggested we check out Facebook Purity, aka F.B. Purity. It’s an -awesome- way to hack Facebook and remove the parts you hate! Demo in the video!

32:10 ModDIY.com
Jay B has a Useful website for the PC / tech DIY crowd! He writes, “You may already be familiar with moddiy.com, but if you aren’t, you may want to mention it in an upcoming episode.” Done!

32:59 Do Something Analog!
Like Brandon, who writes, “Hey guys, love everything you do, take a look at some wire wrapped jewelry that I did this week for my analog activity!” It looks gorgeous, check it out in the video! (And if you have something analog to share, send it on over to [email protected]!!!)
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TekThing 146 – SNES Classic Review!!! $80 WiFi Router vs. $399 Eero Mesh WiFi, Purity Facebook Hack!

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