Eero Gen 2 Review!!! Alienware AW958 Gaming Mouse & AW768 Keyboard, Etcher Burns Raspberry Pi OS Installs Better!
02:25 Eero 2nd Gen Review
Toby writes, “Eero 2 is out, should I upgrade from my first gen Eero system? It’s supposed to be twice as fast!!!” We review the Eero 2nd Gen Home WiFi Mesh Networking System, show off the new Eero Beacon, and benchmark its WiFI speed vs. the original Eero!

12:12 Alienware Gaming Mouse & Keyboard
Shannon reviews Alienware’s new Elite Gaming Mouse AW958 (There are so many ways to customize this mouse!), and the new AW768 Pro Gaming Keyboard (Macros galore!) in the video!

23:21 Best SD/USB Burner Ever!
Mark emailed [email protected], “Have you heard about the BEST SD/USB BURNER EVER Sorry for the screaming caps, but last week I ran across a recommendation (on the site, no less) for a utility called Etcher!” We demo the utility -which is available for Windows, OS X, and Linux- in the video! Thanks, Mark!

26:40 DisplayPort or DisplayPort over USB-C?
Brian writes, “purchased the Dell 38″ wide monitor you featured. It’s great! I can attach the monitor to the dock via the DisplayPort port/cable OR DisplayPort over USB-C. Is one better than the other or are there different bandwidth issues etc?” We explain where DisplayPort over USB-C has advantages, and if the video looks any different in the video!–over-usb-type-c?lang=en

30:13 Do Something Analog!
Like El Kantaro, who’s working on an amaaaaazing infinity display… check the video out!
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TekThing 144 – New Eero WiFI Beacons, Alienware Gaming Mouse Review, DisplayPort over USB C, Better SD Card Burner!

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