TekThing 132 – Amazon Echo Show Review, ProtonVPN vs. PIA, Adobe Premiere PC Recco, Make Your VPN Run Faster!

Amazon Echo Show Review, ProtonVPN vs. PIA, Adobe Premiere Pro PC Build Parts Recco, Make Your VPN Run Faster!
00:32 Amazon Echo Show
Prime day is July 11th… are you gonna want Amazon’s new Echo Show that brings video to Alexa? Watch our video to find out!

13:07 Adobe Premiere PC Build Parts Recommendation
Jun writes, “I am looking to build a PC to do video editing and rendering. I will use Adobe Premiere, Photoshop and After Effects. I need your recommendation!” We talk about where you should spend your money for the best performance (Adobe’s CC System Requirements are the bare minimum), and props to Puget Systems for some excellent guides for Premiere Pro builds!

18:46 ProtonVPN Review
The people behind ProtonMail, a security focused email provider based out of Switzerland, have just released ProtonVPN. How does it compare to our standard, PIA? Do the more expensive plans run faster? Watch the video to find out!

27:19 Speed Up Your VPN
Benny wants his VPN to run faster! He’s “tried servers in Denmark where the distance should be minimal, Norway, Ireland and Germany, but nowhere was the “blazing speeds” promised by almost all VPN providers.” We talk speeding up your VPN performance, and recomend a great article on IVPN.net!

30:09 Cheaper LiO Batteries and Solar Power
I want cheaper LiO batteries… so I was excited when our buddyh Robert sent out a tweet that said “battery cost/kWh may fall faster than solar energy production” with a link to Bloomberg’s, “China Is About to Bury Elon Musk in Batteries.” And then @TechHelp tweeted, “”Solar pipe dream.” I’m not so sure about that… watch the video to find out why!

36:30 Do Something Analog
Like attend the Inaugural Coast Guard Festival, held by the “Coasties” of USCG Base Alameda! Pictures in the video…

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