TekThing 120 – Anker PowerCore Battery Pack Battle! Ryzen 5 CPUs Rock, ThermoPeanut, Best Headphones CanJam 2017

Anker’s PowerCore II 20000 and PowerCore Turbo Portable Charger, Ryzen 5 CPUs, ThermoPeanut, Best Headphones CanJam 2017
00:56 Ryzen 5 CPUs
Hint: if you’re doing a lot of multithreaded work, you’re seriously considering AMD for your next CPU! Watch the video to find out, and for detailed benchmarks check PCPer and HardOCP!

04:13 Anker PowerCore Battery Packs
We’ve got Anker’s PowerCore II 20000 and PowerCore Turbo Portable Charger… how many times can you recharge your phone or a Nintendo Switch? Which one is better? Watch the video!

16:41 Sen.se ThermoPeanut
We go hands on with the ThermoPeanut… a tiny battery powered Bluetooth thermometer that can work with an app on your phone, IFTTT, or Nest.

21:46 CanJam 2017 Picks!
As always, CanJam LA had some amazing earbuds, headphones, and more. What impressed our ears the most? Watch the video to find out!

27:58 Cool Stuff To Do in San Francisco!
@Mike_Fielden tweets “The fam is headed to san fran area this summer, looking for things to do. Any advice?” We’ve got a ton of ideas for you!

35:43Move Old Apps To A New PC
Dylan from CA writes, “We just bought a new laptop for business and everyday email and web browsing. Is it possible to transfer select programs over to the new laptop? The program we use for the business was discontinued by the manufacture.” We always try to do a fresh install whenever we can, but Laplink’s PCMover and Zinstall’s WinWin are options for when you can’t re-install.

37:45 Do Something Analog
like Lance, who wrote [email protected] “at the end on the show you always say do something analog. well, here’s something anaolog: and sense a link to the 2017 Walk For Hope and Family Fun Day, Benefiting AUTISM SOCIETY OF ACADIANA”
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