TekThing 117 – Update WhatsApp Now! Lenovo Ideapad Y900 Gaming Laptop, Kano Raspberry Pi, Teach Kids To Code!

Update WhatsApp & Telegram Now! Lenovo Ideapad Y900 Gaming Laptop Review, Kano Raspberry Pi, Teach Kids To Code!
00:41 Kano Computer & Coding For Kids
Kano Computer & Coding For Kids @geoffreysperl tweets @TekThing “Hi! For his birthday, my soon to be 7 year-old wants a Kano (http://kano.me). What do you think of it? Any alternatives?” Fuze is similar, if less DIY, than the build it your self PC that runs the Kano OS. We talk up what computers Patrick’s kids use, and teaching kids to code with Code Combat, Hour of Code, and Scratch in the video! https://twitter.com/geoffreysperl/status/843990598210281472

08:32 Lenovo Ideapad Y900 Gaming Laptop
A 17.3″ G-Sync screen and a mechanical keyboard on a laptop? Lenovo’s Y900 Ultimate Gaming Laptop is luxurious… and 9.8 pounds heavy, we talk performance in the video!

17:24 Update WhatsApp & Telegram Now!!!
Check Point found vulnerabilities in the web apps of both Telegram and WhatsApp last last week… found out what happened and how to fix them in the video, and get more Threat Wire security briefs at youtube.com/hak5!

21:47 Unlimited Data Is Unlimited!
@SteveKen takes exception to our belief that Data is Capped on unlimited plans… we talk it through in the show!

27:05 Do Something Analog!
Like organizing and cable managing your editing workstation and desk!!! (The before and after shots in the video are… alarming.)
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