TekThing 113 – Canary Flex Security Camera, Tiny ECS Liva Z PC Reviews! Data Privacy and Customs, Quiet PC Fans!

Canary Flex Security Camera, Tiny $150 Liva Z PC Reviews! Data Privacy and Customs, Quiet PC Fans!

00:51 ECS Liva Z $149 PC
ECS has a new “Silent, ultra-compact PC for fully-functional computing,” the LIVA Z. With two Ethernet ports, we’re thinking it would make a great PFsense router, and discuss the performance of its Celeron® N3350 and 32GB eMMC drive under Mint Linux and Windows 10 in the video!

05:08 Canary Flex & The Scary Fire!
Shannon’s had a Canary security camera set up for a couple of years now in her home, and discovered that its air quality monitor really works after smoke flooded her home. Fire is scary, and Canary’s dedication to security is awesome, unlike most IOT devices! She reviews the new 1080p battery powered Canary Flex, $199, in the video.
https://blog.canary.is/canary-receives-iot-security-certification/ https://blog.canary.is/security-you-can-trust/

19:01 Cell Phone Privacy at Borders
Margot wrote us on Facebook.com/tekthing, “Recently, a NASA JPL scientist named Sidd Bikkannavar was detained at the border until he unlocked his phone.” and asks, “How do we protect ourselves as we travel and keep our privacy safe?” TONS of info on protecting your 4th Amendment rights in the video for your phone or laptop, and check otu Wired’s “A Guide To Getting Past Customs With Your Digital Privacy Intact.”

29:16 Make My PC Quieter???
John has some loud fans in his case and asks, “Can your recommend a way to make my PC tower a little quieter on a budget without spending a fortune.” We’ve got answers in the video… QuietPC.com is a great resource, but start by putting HWMonitor on your PC and turning down the fan speeds with something like a Zalman Fan Mate 2 (there are tons of options), or replacing the fans, and, remember, low cost CPU fans can do a great job cooling your sytem (Hey Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO!), and will be a -lot- quieter than the stock fan! (You don’t have to spend a ton, check out HardOCP’s cooler reviews!)

36:25 Android Apps on Chromebooks?
Patrrick writes, “Chromebooks and Android Apps, wondering if you have taken notice. ” We have, and just like Patrick, we’re waiting for our Chrome OS gear to get the update so we can review it!

38:13 Do Something Analog!
How about gathering with friends in a Karaoke room and singing your heart out!
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