Season 1 Episode 3

In this episode of Hak.5 the crew explores ways to hack RSS into your morning routine with a custom alarm clock and newspaper. Harrison makes us all a little more paranoid about network security with an ARP Cache Poisoning overview, then takes it to the streets. Wess gives the case a break and takes on the IBM Model M beast-keyboard while Alli goes retro with a classic arcade game review. All this plus a flaming-case-mod and a flame-proof blueberry hefeweizen.

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Length: 40:25


  • l33tnija

    Awesome episode. The alarm clock, newspaper, and password hak were beyond amazing. So production quality has grown in leaps and bounds. From one episode to the next my anticipation for the following one increases. However, I have to say, can we shoot Ali yet? Iโ€™m all for chics who can program, or even beat my ass at a game. But either they have to look super hot doing it. Or they have to know what they are doing. You ainโ€™t got either of them on Hak.5, canโ€™t you at least give her an script so she can sound leet? Better yet just find a hottie who is. You could even just find a hottie. But ali has gotten so bad I watch a little bit before I have to go vomit than fast foreward to the rest.

  • Jason

    i agree, the show kicked ass except the game segment was totally ripping off commandN. If yur gonna have a girl on the show, make sure she is a true geek ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • steve

    This episode was AWESOME! I have to say i look forward to hak.5 more than any other iptv show out right now. You guys and gals work real hard to keep the show on schedule, provide great updates and content, and it definitely shows. Each episode keeps getting better, Thumbs up to the entire crew and all the work you guys/gals put in, and keep it up!

  • MasterChief

    Ali. This is the Masterchief telling you that you wouldnt know a game if it smacked you over the head. If you’re after commandN, then you have to be better than them. Your not! you already mentioned how you can’t even get past the first round of a game, so why are you playing games again? If you are going to try to sound like you know something, than at least mention new games. not the ones that are older… really, is that so inconcievable? oh, by the way. put the sagging boobs in a bra before you try to tell anyone to come closer to you again

  • kirby

    Harrison pwns. I really enjoy watching him. His segment was awesome. Now I can steal forum passwords from the assholes in my dorm who have it coming to them.

    Why don’t you guys have links to your sites in the cast section? Especially Harrisons. I can’t wait for his next segment.

  • stone

    I don’t understand why it’s so important to have a girl on the
    show if she can’t do what she is there to do. It’s obvious that she
    is being fed lines, and she really needs to learn to annunciate when
    she is talking. I could barely understand what she was saying.

  • Annice

    Harrison’s part of the show is always a favorite. Perhaps I am biased ๐Ÿ™‚ The alarm clock and newspaper were really intresting… I’d even do that and you know I dont usually pay any attention to computers.

  • BinarySignal

    I enjoy your show more than ‘systm’ now because I KNOW I am going to see a new show each month. Also guys don’t give Ali a hard time, I have tried producing IPTV content and it is not easy, at least she is having a go and looks like she is having fun doing it. And fun is what it is all about.

    The ARP cache poisoning segment was GREAT. I teach Cisco and am going to show it to my new Semester 1 students to give them an idea of a ‘real world’ use or problem regarding ARP. They have only just learnt about layer 2 and 3 devices, so the video should help them see theory in practice.

    The Diggnation spoof was brilliant and I look forward to seeing more spoofs and fake commericals.

  • Harrison

    I’m glad to see that you liked the show. We’ve seen a lot of mixed review on this episode. We’re trying to consider everything you guys say. We encourage feedback as always. BinarySignal, I’m really glad that you liked the ARP segment, keep coming back on the 5th, as I will try to keep demonstrating real world attacks.

  • saucer

    Great Job on Episode three to all the Hak5 crew. To everyone who posted mean spirited, hateful and innappropriate remarks towards Alli, grow the f%#* up. Do you conduct yourself in this manner in the face to face world? Please send a link to the last video segment featuring your work so the rest of us may judge you in the same manner and with the same level of derision you so freely hand out .

  • jonclifton

    Another great show guys, keep it up. Loved the diggnation parody. Oh and by the way I liked Alli’s segment, I don’t know what you guys are talking about.

  • l33tnija

    Actually Ali, I would. your a wannabe. a pretense. if you’ve been playing games since you were 8 you would hopefully actually sound like you knew what you were doing. not just quirping about sounds. my girlfriend can tell you what an annoying sound is…. she only plays halo. so if you think you deserve to be on the show…. why do all your viewers disagree. i mean i guess you could continue and just lose the audiance. i dont think your smart enough to know the difference

  • 81stsqlt

    So I dont know about all this hate mail toward Ali. I dont know her, nor do I know that she has been playing since she was eight, or whether or not she wears a bra ( and really what comment is that) but I do know that if you are going to put yourself in the public eye, you should only do it if you can face your critiques. I must admit, even without knowing Ali, the game review and the mod were the weakest links. Maybe you could just find more intresting aspects? This is positive criticism. If hak.5 can not listen to the people posting comments, then they are not willing to improve. I can’t wait to see the next episode but hopefully improvements in Ali and the mod mans segments will be seen. Aside from the nonsensical parts of the show, the rest was supreme. The APR segment was very applicable and informational. I can’t wait to try it out on my drill sargent. The alarm clock and newspaper may make my morning routine a little less militaristic. That would be a nice break! You guys keep up the good work. (and gal… let us see some effort)

  • l33tnija

    Oh by the way…… Talking negatively towards your audience doesnt help, Ali. I dont give a rats ass if you post and then can’t even keep the posting up. You are an uneducated fool. And I am sorry Hak5, but you lost a viewer

  • UKviewer

    Comments seemed to have turned into a “Flame Alli” session. I looked at the Alli segment and cannot for the life of me see what the fuss is all about. Comments on appearance are irrelevent. Anyone comparing cuteness of Kevin Rose vs Darren? Game skill level and uber l33tness? Give me a break. There is a significant gaming community turned off of all the copycat first person shooters that there’s a growing retrogame movement, especially in the UK where Retro Gamer Magazine is now a major monthy publication. I welcome Alli’s thorough and well structured review of one such game. If I wanted another game review of yet another FPS I’d go watch G4 or something. Alli’s also much more animated then Jenn Cutter who in Ep 2 of openalpha was little more than a talking head. (Openalpha Ep3 doesn’t suffer from this as much so Jenn is probably starting to loosen up a little.)

    I’d say to Alli keep experimenting with the medium and be true to yourself. The variety you introduce to the show is most welcomed. None of the viewers are paying for any of this (so far) so you owe nothing to nobody — least of all to anyone lacking the decency to check how to spell your name correctly (myself included).

  • Annice

    Wow. Boys, you did an amazing job with this episode. I am really sorry to see that the game review took all the attention off of how great the rest of it was. Take into consideration what everyone says. But dont make any decisions too quickly! I heard she quit. That could be for the better, but I am sorry she took all those comments so negitively.

  • Jak

    Amazing…this is now my fav IPTV show..i like it much better than broken/systm etc!
    much more interesting hacks etc.! with monthy releases, plus a fit girl! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Keep them coming

  • Jobabob

    Good job guys and gals, you certainly brought back the geek humour and parody (admittedly I don’t even know what dignation is) I enjoyed from the first ep and the segments were quite interesting. However ali did scare the crap outta me in her game reviews and the ‘newspaper’ printout, while an interesting concept, went into a bit too much code and I ended skipping past it.

  • Stef

    Great episode everyone. The production quality has really grown. For the record, I enjoyed the entire show, including Alli’s segment. It’s unfortunate the immature viewers always seem to be the more vocal ones. Rather than listen to the negative few, please be assured that the vast majority of us enjoy and appreciate everyone’s obvious hard work.

  • Schrags

    I do not believe you have to arp spoof people on a wifi network… There would be no point. You should be able to see all of the traffic anyone, just like a HUB.

  • Matt

    Easy on the young lady!!! Hey guys instead of making her your tool let her bring some value to the show. Give her a segment that might be seen on Digg.

    Also is there any way to add my outlook tasks and daily schedule to the news paper???

  • Jonathan

    I know C# has a lot of built in functionality with Outlook for customizing your interface… if you can create an RSS news paper with C# which is probably easier since it has a lot of built int RSS Parsing Functionality( 10x better then php ) you could quite easily add it to Outlook! Good Luck!

  • SavannaCBurrow

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