Season 1 Episode 2

In this episode of Hak.5 we show you how to install a 12-volt accessory outlet in your case, add a webcam to the light script, keep your taskbar clean with a free utility, manage the Windows XP firewall from the command line, create a leet external hard drive case, and install a unix-like disk image over a network. Plus a special interview with an Internet Icon.


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Length: 32:30


  • saucer

    Show this to anyone who hasn’t seen it, and try to convince them that this is only episode # 2. Production quality good, On camera people, confident and entertaining, opening, transitions, special effects, smooth and polished. All this and quality content too? You guys have nailed this thing to the floor !!! I am so impressed.

  • Joe

    thanks guys!! Great show… keep it up… so how about some info.. how many DL’s you getting… what can I do to make it bigger… I will promote the SH*T out of it…


    ps thanks for the email… look out for my ‘grown up show’

  • Jobabob

    Decent production as before, however in comparison to the first this episode was very boring and it took quite a bit just to see it through. The only vaguely interesting segment was the webcam one, I was even suprised at the one that suggested using ‘powermenu’. The utility is notoriously buggy and difficult to setup, I have a good 5 programs less bloated (e.g. ‘trayconizer’, infinately simpler and less buggy) I could give you to put on the program.

    Furthermore, all the humour from the last one seems to have been completely sucked out of the second episode, all the little unix commands and fun things like that in the titles have gone, the comedy n64 hack was gone and in its place we get a picture of a bunny in a tower case and a guide to batching configuring windows firewall that basically concludes ‘dont use windows firewall’

  • Tim Norman

    I agree the first show was better, but keep up the hard work. I know it is not easy to come up with new stuff every time. I would liked to have seen more from the ice caves. Maybe that is coming up in the next release. Tech in strange places is cool.

    Hak on!

  • Administrator

    If you don’t mind sharing your thoughts, what do you think was better about the first show that we missed in the second show?


  • ruvaz

    Great job…keep it up. I will be keeping an eye on what your doing.
    I have only watched the 2nd episode, and now i must watch the first.
    once again
    Great job

  • OliverK

    Is there anyway to get ahold of these episodes without downloading them from youtube? I’d really like to watch them

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