Season 3 Episode 9

In this episode Matt uses PowerGUI to command the new Windows PowerShell, Chris Gerling demonstrates Helix, an open source forensics toolkit and Darren builds a simple web mashup using Yahoo Pipes. Plus haksnacks including router passwords, uninterrupted file copying, password strength auditing, and Firefox keyword shortcuts.

Oh yeah and some bloopers. A lot of bloopers. Actually, pretty much most of the episode is one ongoing blooper. We’re kicking it oldschool Hak5 style. Call it senioritis if you will :).

PS: Hak5 and trust your technolust stickers available for a limited time.


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Running time: 40:00

Production Notes

The new scan converter (device that takes the VGA output from our computers and inputs them into the video mixer) had great resolution and clarity however that isn’t seen in this episode. Unfortunately the video signal was a bit borked and everything captured was slightly pink. I’ve done my best to balance the color in post. Better luck next time I guess 🙂


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  • crax

    Love the show (as always), but wasn’t there a part 2 of “hacking the fon router” planned?

    Great job guys, even though u screwed it up a bit… but that’s just fun 😉

  • Scorpion

    There should of been a fon router part 2 lol and i wonder what happened to the shmoocon live esp i thought we might of seen who won that oh well might not of been finished yet for that comp.

  • DarkSenay

    Bloopers were great, a bit heavy on the windows admin stuff, but overall good. I really liked the quick snippet suggestions and driving traffic towards the forums.

    But seriously, irc is where its at.

  • Brainz

    Pissed… I did my usual download on my Nokia N95 podcast client and the iPod video file was unplayable. I’ve had no problems before. Did you encode it differently this time?

  • incy2k

    Hey… You’ve changed stuff with the iPod video file.My PSP did its usual 2am automated check and download but this new ep is unplayable (prob due to larger resolution).Ok so i guess this is part your fault, part sony’s for being lame and not supporting decent resolutions.I will have to find a workaround as this is happening with a few of my feeds.

  • Zemnexx

    I like it when yall mess up and stuff, it lightens the mood and is sometimes really funny, like yall meant to mess up for it to be funny. It also is like a kinda break between all the info so your just not talking tech all the time because your shows are pretty long and I have been known to lose attention and go off doing something else b4 I eventually forget all about it. Anywayz, great show guys, keep it up.

  • hexlax

    Darren, in the blooper reel, what were you referring to about a program that logs keystrokes and mails it off at a later time. I believe Chris or someone referred to it as ‘Time Machine.’ I only ask because I’m currently writting some c that’s similar.

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