Season 3 Episode 7

In this episode Chris Gerling shows us a little reverse engineering with Crackmes, Darren unlocks OpenWRT on the Fon router, Will Coppola demonstrates inprotect, a nessus/nmap web frontent, and Matt fixes the Rock Band guitar once and for all. Plus HakSnacks including installation package building with Iexpress, a Rock Band drum kit for your PC, converting flash videos to mobile media formats, and browsing the Internets with calculator. Grab some pwnj00z, the next hour is designated for technolust!


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Running time: 50:20

Production Notes

The white balance on our scan converter (little boxy thing that converts our laptop’s display into something the video mixer can use) was a bit off making some of the full screen video difficult to read. Thankfully (and thanks for MassiveH) we’ve got a new scan converter that should make everything look a lot more clear for next episode. Everything has been detailed in the Show Notes and feel free to post in the forums if you have questions.


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  • link12245

    OMG! An earily epp? This is amazing. Just looked at itunes, and it was downloading something, i was like wtf? then i went to my rss feeds, and sure enough. Thanks guys! Look foreward to watching in 105.3mb…lol…

  • Scorpion

    Will we expect more episodes to be released early or is this going to be the last will that comes out early? I dont mind i dont like waiting for your videos lol but i got use to it being every 5th of the month (unless something special)

  • Administrator

    The 5th of the month is still the release date, however considering that 3×04 was terribly late I’ve made it an effort to get the last few out a bit early to make up for it. We’ll return to our regular schedule shortly.

  • Lex

    Wow, the production value of this episode is a HUGE step forward from all of your previous episodes! You’re much more professional and natural in front of the camera, and the between-segment clips are great. The intro is way awesome and drew me right in. Hak5 is all grown up now!

  • Shinmaryuu

    Awesome show. Very geeky stuff which is always great. The production looks awesome (Good work portable studio :)). I think season 4 could be the big return to glory for Hak5 after a few misses here and there. You guys really are stepping up your game and kicking some major ass.

  • Scorpion

    Thank you for replying and i’ve watched the episode and its gd shame that im not in to Rock Band or the other one but there is nothing wrong with knowing things. I love the Keygen site im supprised i didnt find it. Looking forward to the next one.

  • gaston

    hey guys i glad you made again a show like the ones i like. not interviewing a who-the-hell-is-he-whether-you-tell-me-his-name person for 40 minutes but yes giving us the tips for example we can access internet from the calculator, the iexpress, the wifi thing.

    keep it up

  • l337virus

    wow thx for another early episode i honestly was not expecting the release of this episode 4 days from today (5th)
    but hey keep up the good work and the site looks good simple and easy to find what u need (very organized!!!)

  • Spudgun

    Loved the episode, best one I’ve seen to date.

    Production quality: 10/10
    Content: 9.5/10 (don’t have rock band! haha)
    Entertainment: 10/10
    Technolust: 10/10
    Replay value: 10/10

    Just, awesome.

  • Lethal255

    How is the feedback on the new switches used in the rock band guitar? Are they silent like the one’s the strat comes with or do they click nicely like the guitar hero guitars?

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