Season 3 Episode 10 — Disaster Finale

In this episode Darren tours what’s left of the Hakhouse and shares a emergency shutdown tip. That’s pretty much it. Life hit hard and we’re working at getting back on track. Send us some good mojo.

PS: Hak5 and trust your technolust stickers available for a limited time.

Hak5 will return with Season 4 on August 5, 2008. Hang tight and trust your technolust!


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Running time: 7:01

Production Notes

Darren’s Editing PC borked hardcore in the disaster. This episode is proof that an Eee PC is capable of post-production.


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  • Angel

    What happen in the Hak House is bad, but now you guys can reorganize the whole house and come up with some new ideas for the show and you style of living. I be waiting for next season. Thanks for the stickers. I be getting more for my other 2 laptops.

    Gook Luck Guys.

    From something bad, is always something good that you can get from it!!!!

  • heatgap

    I agree with Angel. This is an epic opportunity to fortify the hak-house with cat5, coax, extra power, and maybe even fiber 😛 This may just be a godsend for you guys, and I hope everything works out. You guys rock. Thanks for the dedication and righteous content. <3 ;P


  • Jargon

    Ah man, sorry to hear (and see) this. Well, thanx Darren, even though this happend, you managed to show us whats going on. Goodluck to you and all the hak5 ppl in the house. Hope you guys find your feet in a dry place soon. Well. I’m guessing its sort of turn of the seasons there (here in South Africa its starting to get cold at nights).


  • raZer

    Good luck with restructuring the set! We’re looking forward to season 4 😀

    @Jargon: Propz from another south african who enjoys his technolust

  • Hal_The_Hacker

    Hey guys, thanks for another great season of HAK.5

    I am looking forward to my stickers and i hope your redone hakhouse doesnt take a trip on the fail bus again. ^_^

  • Immortal_Vanguard

    Hope the repairs go well guys, and I hope you can take this with a grain of salt, but you’ve gotta realize a series of tubes just kicked your ass :p

    Can’t wait for Season 4!

  • PJ

    Cant wait for the New seasons to start! thank goodness you guys can pull through the mess of the house, also thank goodness you didn’t loose any equipment!
    In the meantime , I am going to hang out on REV3 and watch those guys do some Techy stuff , they are your evil nemesis the old Tech TV crew , and staff runs that and other shows and pod casts I enjoy , See ya soon guys!

  • kevinm

    It’s a horrid disaster but turns out to be a blessing in disguise. You guys now have the opportunity to do a complete overhaul of the set. Hope REV3 will talk with y’all to join them. Can’t wait for the new and much improved hakhouse!

  • Anthrounit

    In a way its kinda a let down with the hak house getting destroyed like that making a whole month of waiting only last for not even ten minutes and with two months its like a lot longer to me now that i have waited a month and now i have to wait two more months. WE MISS YOU GUYS!!!! hope hak house 2.0 compiles soon with extra uber leetness to make up for this hungry need i have.

  • Matt

    Danny, we’re still on break, the official release date for the new season is August 5th.

    But we do have some big announcements coming for season 4, you’ll just have to keep checking back.


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