• Oeno-Master

    Mubix, old boy,
    Excellent Minute!
    Most such presentations only show how the perfect execution happens. You allowed your humanity and subsequent imperfectness to be displayed for all to see. This IS good. For those of us who remember starting to learn anything know that things do NOT go smoothly. It was reassuring to see that even one as experienced as you can and does have problems, but does over come them. Much as the neophyte has to do. That being said, I would not suggest too many of this sort of “Minute” as it would get tiring. Yes, for the most part, projecting the paragon of perfection is preferred. However, a presentation like this one IS refreshing.
    Further, this episode did cause a “jelling of thought” on exploiting/hacking, even though it is just the 30,000 foot view.
    Again, well done, and I’ll be watching more as they come.


  • MubixLover

    I don’t usually comment but I had to let you know that this is EXACTLY the series I’ve been looking for!!! Please keep it up as the material covered and the person covering it are spot on. Looking forward to this every week. Great job, Mubix!!

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