Nasty Flash Hack, Update NOW!!! Wireless Password Theft by PITA, RAT Gets 57 Months

Update Flash -and your Chrome browser- NOW, ’cause there’s a nasty bug that’s being exploited in the wild. Watch Out WiFi Pineappple, here comes PITA Wireless Password Theft… seriously, researchers are wirelessly grabbing passwords! Blackshades Leader Gets 57 Months for RAT… and the FBI has great info on how to figure out if your machine is infected.

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Update Flash & Chrome NOW!!!

A Month Without Adobe Flash Player

Falafel Wireless Password Theft

WiFi Pineapple

Blackshades Leader Gets 57 Months, $200,000 Fine

Could Your Computer Be Infected by Blackshades?


Photo Credit:  Pita kebab with french fries by André Loconte


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