Haktip 25 – DEFCON 19: Wireless Security Assessment

In this HakTip from DEFCON 19 Darren is joined by Mark Wuergler of Immunity to demo Silica, a wireless security assessment tool he has been developing.

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In the demo Wuergler uses Silica to launch a client side attack on an Android phone.

What programs or commands are rocking your world? What technologies are tickling your technolust? Hit me up — [email protected] or leave a comment.

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  • fant0m n0d3

    its open source as in you can develop your own exploits and add to the code base same rules apply to there canvas suite, but i doubt ver ymuch that a free port will be relased to the public.thats why they charge a licence fee to use it. the last thing we need is for this to become a free tool that every scriptkiddy on the planet will download. they would end up doing more harm than good. but lets face it metasploit proberly confuses them and this along with
    Canvas and coresec’s coreimpact are click to hack applacations. which make things very easy.

    but it was a good hacktip, more like this please 😀

  • Sanity

    It is kind of interesting that the entire works is not available for download, as I am sure that most of the software utilized in the framework would fall under GPL.

    GPL is designed to protect the original developers and community as a whole from being cut off from commercial derivatives (that do not make available their derived code).

    I assume that anyone that has contributed to any of the GPL software used on any commercial project (as part of the distribution) would want, and be entirely entitled to the code of any derived works being released also.

  • nova5

    anyone know what wireless card he is using? i’m looking to get a new one. was think of the alfa that darren uses but wanted something more discrete.

  • fant0m n0d3

    You cant download this software from anywhere on the internet except for the immunity websit and you need to PAY for it.
    if you watch the video you will see in closed captions what model number of the wireless usb adapter he is using. is it realy that hard to READ! ?

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