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This time on the show I’m checking out EaseUS’s ToDo Backup Utility.

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My whole life is on my computer, and if I lost my photos to a dead hard drive or PC meltdown, I’d be at a complete loss. You can pay loads for online storage and cloud service backups, but you can also use tools to backup to your network, a server, or another hard drive. This one is called EaseUS’s ToDo Backup Utility.

This program features backup scheduling, full system backup and recovery, file and folder selection, and incremental backup- which is something I love as it only backs up when files have been changed or added since the last backup. It is supported on all newer versions of Windows.

Install this program like normal and restart your computer. After opening it for the first time, you’re greeted with some options- Backup, Recover, Schedule a Backup, or Clone. Under the Backup tab at the top you can create a disk or partition backup, file backup, or manage how backups are processed. The recover tab lets you recover files, disks, or partitions. Under Tools, you can check images of files, make a bootable USB, use tools for your hard drive like erasing and wiping data, or mount an image.

I’m going to start by backing up some files. I’ll choose File Backup, and I’ll create a new backup. Since I don’t have another hard drive plugged into this computer, I’m just going to back this folder up into my photos folder.

Wait for the backup to finish.

Once finished, you can recover all the files you’ve backed up by choosing the name of the backup. Under schedule backup, I can choose a folder, choose to back it up incrementally, and I can choose when I want it to happen. You will need your Windows UN and PW to schedule backups. If you need to cancel a backup or delete backups, go to the Backup tab under Backup Management and choose delete backup.

Now, to recover your backups, they make it really easy. Go to the recover tab, and choose File Recovery. Choose your files you want to recover, and click next. Choose the destination and the recover will begin.

I have to say, EaseUS’s ToDo Backup Tool is really easy, hence the name! It’s built a LOT better than the backup program that came with my Western Digital external hard drive, so I’m definitely replacing the built in tool with this one.”

Ok, so I want to hear your feedback. What local backup tool is your fav? Let me know what you think or what program you use by emailing me — [email protected] or send me a note in the comments below.

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  • Skandal

    Hi 🙂

    Todo-Backup is good but I’m searching app to do backup in real time?

    Any sugestion?

    Skandal from Poland 😉

  • BDMan

    Check out Cobain Backup 10.0 It works with 32 and 64 bit, does Full, Incs and Diff. Works with Shadow Copy, has scheduling and can backup to FTP (Full Only).
    It will backup to a 7.zip or Zip file, with/without encryption, works on windows server and is free.
    Sorry, no Linux.
    BDMAN, Michigan

  • qoo10

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