HakTip 12 – How To Protect Your PC From Little Nooblettes!

In this episode we’re protecting your PC from keyboard mashers, little ones, and the not so technical with some easy to use free tools.

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Welcome to HakTip — the show where we breakdown concepts, tools and techniques for hackers, network gurus and IT ninjas

I’m your host Shannon Morse and today I am going to show you how to protect your Windows PC from little (or big) nooblettes.

Ever let a kid play on your computer innocently, only then to find that your PC crashes every few minutes because they accidentally deleted an important file? Or perhaps you just need to prevent users on your network from messing with their machines too much? Luckily, there are answers to those problems.

First off, there is Start Killer, a free and open source program that you can find at Tordex.com. This program does just what it says- it kills the Start button, giving you more free space on your taskbar, and removing that button from prying eyes. You can still get into the menu by hitting CTRL+ESC. You can also hide the Start Killer taskbar icon and still access the settings by hitting CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+F12. Start Killer uses just a bit of memory, and can be used on all newer versions of Windows, including 64 bit.

Number two is Taskbar Eliminator, which will hide your taskbar. This program gives you more space for viewing on your monitor or just keeps others from messing with programs sitting on the taskbar. Again, all newer versions of Windows are compatible, and it is free and open source. To use, simply press and hold Control+Alt+T to bring up the Preferences window, from which all options can be adjusted. Press and hold Alt + T to immediately show or hide the taskbar directly.

After the break, I’ll show you my last program to minimalize the threat of child+keyboard, but first, here’s a word from our sponsor.”

My third choice is KeyTweak. This -also- free and open source program for Windows will let you disable, enable, remap, or reset key configurations for your keyboard. Want to disable CAPS LOCK? Who doesn’t?! Want to make the Windows key functionality dissapear before letting little Billy play on your PC? That can be done. KeyTweak is easy to use. Just pull up the dialog settings box, click on a key you want to mess with, and choose how you want to change it in the Keyboard Controls box below. Then click apply and you’re done.

That’s it — how easy? I want to hear your feedback. What program or command have you found? Hit me up — [email protected]

And be sure to check out our sister show, Hak5 for more great stuff just like this.


  • DigiP

    I just lock my screen before walking away so my kids can’t mess with stuff on my pc. (my 2 year old would still manage to launch the start menu with these tweaks you mentioned. Shes a ninja.)

    “Windows Key + L” keeps her from being able to do anything. There are tweaks you can do to windows to remove the shutdown button from login buttons too, so the kid can’t accidentally reboot or shut your sh!t down.

  • priv

    I’m glad to see something is being done about these troublesome little people. They can be a real pain. Now we just need one for 4 legged creatures. Perhaps an ultrasonic pest repeller program or something. Maybe with hair recognition.

    You look like a ninja with that black silk hood that flows out of your head. For a moment it seemed you were growing your own silk ninja facemask. It all looks so nice.

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