Season 1 Episode 8

In this episode of Hak.5 the gang dives into IPTV subscription apps, pandora timeshifting hacks, and routing PC video over existing home coax. Plus an interview Chris Munton of Mathclub Productions, viewer questions, a sneak peak at episode 9, and a TikiBar parody way over the top. Guest intro by Kyle from Pure Pwnage and theme song by Ashley Witt.


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Running time: 39:16


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  • WinuXGeek

    GOD Bless your nerdy soul! Thanks guys for pulling through with an on time release. “C*mpany T3 makes hak.5 downloads fun!

  • SiDa

    horray, :D:D:D i got 2 be at skool in 10 min’s lol ahh well gues i know what ill be doing lunch 😀 99 bottle of beer on the wall 99 bottles of beer take one down pass it around, 98 bottles of fosters on the wall.

  • ET

    Dudes/Dudette!! Very good episode. The Parody was EXCELLENT!!! The TV mod is exactly what i have needed and I have been trying to think how to make it work. I had an “almost a geek” none 1337 way of doing it in the planning but i think i will scrap it and use your method.


  • Jamie

    Yea — I tried to convert it in iTunes via the “Convert for iPod” context menu and it crashes iTunes. Any ideas?

  • Chris

    Yeah…in iTunes or QuickTime, the programs crashes around 6:00 into the video ( when “Participatory Culture Foundation” is mentioned).

  • SiDa

    Im in Info systems class, on computer still counting 97 bottle of beer on the wall 98 bottles of beer take one down pass it around, 96 bottles of fosters on the wall. SIGH….will i ever get to watch this ep…i get home late 2 night gota stay back at school :(:(:( cry’s in dark coner…..WHY!!!!!

  • Administrator

    I’ll re-encode the ipod video version. I really wish I had an ipod with video so I could test these before release. Sigh. 95 bottles of beer on the wall.


  • RLJ

    Great show guys. I was wondering why there were no new MicroShaft products this episode, until I saw GeekyBar.TV. LOL
    good work guys. So next month with be GeekN? LOL

  • Ray Perkins

    Back in the day RF modulators only allowed you to switch between anteana and the composite input. Then they changed to auto-switching when a composite signal was detected. RF modulators have been off my radar since they started doing this, mixing the antena and modulated composite video.

    My cable company has CSPAN and CSPAN-2 on channels 2 and 4. So the new style RF modulator should filter the incomming channel 2 or 4 signal and insert the composite video on that channel. That is much slicker than the old school modulators.

    I looked into doing this a few years ago, at the time I either these rf modulators didn’t do this or I didn’t think they did. The other option was to get a device that does this but on a selectable high channel (like 88-99). It was more flexible, but cost $150-250.

    Thanks for the tip this is awesome.

    For IR back to the myth box or whatever, I have a home brew IR reciever. I wonder how long of a cat5 run I can get the serial signals to run over? I have cat5 in most spots where I have coax. So I could run lirc on serial over cat5 all throughout the house. I wonder if you can run multiple IR recievers on a single serial port by connecting them in parallel, as long as there is only one singal coming in it might work. i am just rambling…you damn kids with your time shited rf modulated iptv!

  • David

    Nice to see a segment on TV-Modulation. I was kind of hoping you would do what Perkins said above though; then again like Perkins also said those things [selectable tv modulators] aren’t cheap.

    Though I look forward to what you will bring up next month to control the media center remotely. I can’t do RF because 1) Old house with lead paint and thick walls 2) Too much RF from the city (I was thinking of doing something with speech reg. over mobile radios–got some programming experience)

    Keep up the good work!

  • P-access

    Another great episode. It’s time to ask if I can get H.5 put on the public access channel in Silicon Valley . .

  • Satan

    I found the mdf for the cable at my apartment building several years ago, i’m buying an rf modulator to pipe out Hak5 throughout my apartment buildings

  • Andrew

    I would be willing to pitch in 5 bucks to help get a Hak.5 iPod 5G… just a thought. Darren if you put up a donation link for those of us who would be willing to give you guys a little gift and make our iTunes Hak.5 episodes work better.

  • SiDa

    HoodedRobin i mean that im at skool, which mean that my ass will get beating if i dl it there, yes even threw a proxy and encrypting, they monitor my downloaded usage:( the ep downloaded fast (at home), like in 20 mins :D, just had 2 be at skool2 day, but its all good now:D:D:D home now gona watch the ep, :D:D remba
    Seed them torrents 😉

  • danfolkes

    hey, great show! I wish there was more hacking physical things…. love the cable box deal! still looking for the Tiger disk to run on PC. anyway, loved the show. keep up the good work. I live in richmond, VA if you guys need any help making your show more nerdy. CYA!

  • ShinmaRyuu

    That is a good idea on the donation for a iPod w/Video. Maybe keep a list of everyone who donates and draw a name to give a T-shit autgraphed by the whole crew as a prize. The 30Gig version is not that much and i think if we all pitch in we could make it happen.

  • Rocold

    YES… I can’t wait for next month. I’m pretty sure I mentioned doing a Geocashing segment in the forums (RIP) I’ve been waiting for someone out there in the IPTV world to do this.

  • Anon

    Where’s the link to the pandora time-shifting program? The video says there will be a link to it, and people are asking for it, but it hasn’t shown up.

  • cooper

    Interesting to see that that forum server’s SSL certificate is made out to ‘Snakeoil’. Seriously guys, start over. You’re in danger of losing your community…

  • Barron Von Gina

    I have searched all of google for the Pandora app with no luck. I hope to see it soon, it could really help me out on those long commutes

  • rag

    Here is an applescript that can be used to save files from pandora
    you need to point to the the tmp folder “/private/tmp” create an alias
    of it to access it easier.
    select the track named WebKitPlugInStream…… with is a couple of MB and have safari opened on the pandora page.
    careful they use preloading so the song playing is bot always the latest files in the tmp folder so you will have to wait to get the true filename that is in the tab as they have disabled the title in the webpage source.
    There is probably ways to this better but at least you control what you save. Someone probably get an applescript that gets the id3 tag and make this even better.

    set chosenfile to choose file with prompt “Choose a document:”
    property DEBUG : false
    tell application “Safari”

    set windowName to my GetWindowName()
    if DEBUG then display dialog windowName
    my give_window_focus(windowName)
    end tell
    on give_window_focus(window_name)
    tell application “System Events”
    tell process “Safari”
    perform action “AXRaise” of window named window_name
    end tell
    end tell
    end give_window_focus

    on GetWindowName()
    tell application “Safari”

    — I prefer to bookmark the tabs in just the front window:
    return ((name of window 1) as string)
    my give_window_focus(windowName)
    end tell

    end GetWindowName
    tell application “Safari”
    ignoring case
    set theTitle to (name of window windowName)
    end ignoring
    end tell

    tell application “Finder”
    ignoring case
    set name of chosenfile to (theTitle & “.mp3”)
    set theFolder to choose folder with prompt “Pick folder to move the selected tracks to”
    tell application “Finder”
    move file chosenfile to theFolder
    end try
    end tell
    end ignoring
    end tell

  • EthanHunt

    Dude !! is it just me or everybody can’t view the show notes? It’s trying to connect to

    When i try to connect to manually i can’t seem to get connected. SoS

  • antony

    Hey Rag
    Nice that you take the time and trouble to provide the script for timeshifting pandora files.
    I have a mac (or several)
    But the /private/tmp folder you talk about is nowhere to be found on my mac 8and you know how easy it is to search for a folder on a mac..even i can do it) the track named WebKitPlugInStream is also not to be found… on any of my macs.. am i missing something… thx..

  • wotoadgi

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    That’s what made Schott angry. He asked Miers to drop the suspended-license case.
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    Perhaps you can get mad at me, your honor, Miers replied.
    She refused to drop the case. Schott then announced he was dismissing it, only to reverse course a few moments later and say he wanted a full-blown hearing, something that would require Wagner to come back to court, as well as an employee with the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, the agency that issues drivers licenses.
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