Hak5 926 – DEFCON 19 Part 1 – Hacking from the sky and bloodkode

This time on the show , breaking into command prompts using Microsoft
Paint! Navigate Windows like a power user with Launchy. FTP from
anywhere, manually control wireless connections in BackTrack Linux and
a whole lot more this time on Hak5!

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Hacking from the sky with the W.A.S.P – Part 1

Darren joins Mike (aka RedQueen) and Rich (aka WhiteQueen) from Rabit-Hole.org about the W.A.S.P, or Wireless Aerial Surveillance Platform.

We first caught up with Mike and Rich at DEFCON 18 last year to see the debut of their unmanned aerial vehicle, and this year we’re checking out the upgrades to this hacking platform.

Hacking from the sky with the W.A.S.P – Part 2

A lot of power users- like Darren- don’t really use the start menu or well… their mouse. They just want to be able to put in a couple of keystrokes and immediately get to the program they need to use.

There’s this nice, simple utility called Launchy that does just what Darren needs. Launchy is a free cross-platform utility designed to help you forget about your start menu, the icons on your desktop, and even your file manager. It indexes the programs in your start menu and can launch your documents, project files, folders, and bookmarks with just a few keystrokes!

Launchy can be found at launchy.net, where you can download, donate, and check out skins and how-tos, The skins on their website kind of remind me of the days of Winamp skins, so I’m just sticking to the simple black one.

The download is available for Windows up to 7, Mac, Linux, as well as a portable version.

After downloading Launchy, open the main window and type in a program name or something you want to find, and press enter. It should automatically open that program within a few seconds. If you find that doesn’t work, click on the settings button and choose the catalog tab. Click the plus button and add your program files folder.

A few keystrokes to know: Alt + Space opens and closes the Launchy window. Typing something in then hitting tab with start a command line entry. For example, type in chrome, then hit tab, then type in the hak5 website.

You can look at your history of searches by press down when the window is blank. Press shift + delete to delete a highlighted program in that list.

To add functionality for other file types other than programs, go to the Catalog tab under settings, choose your destination or create a new one, then click + to add a different file type, type in *.mp3 or *.jpg…, and choose rescan Catalog.

Along with the healthy does of easy GUI is a handful of plugins for your mere enjoyment. The Launchy website features many plugins to make the utility easier to use and more useful- including a built in calculator, a website browser, and a program killer for background programs.

I think this is a tool for those users who need something to help them speed up their daily processes just a bit by giving them that freedom to not have to use the mouse. Also, the portable version would be really handy for IT support who don’t necessarily know where programs are on each computer they work on. Booting up this tool and searching for a program is as easy as making sweet tea. Mmmm. Delicious.

FTP from anywhere, manually control wireless connections in BackTrack Linux
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Darren joins Jason and Geo to learn about BarKode the tremendous support of the hacker community.

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