Hak5 920 – Ubertooth One Primer, Multiboot USBs, Airodump Tips and Network Scanning

This time on the show, an Ubertooth One Primer – Setup with BackTrack 5. Booting multiple ISOs from a single USB drive, we’ve got plenty of options. And answers to your questions on A+ certs, programming languages, network scanning and more.

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Ubertooth One Primer – Setup with BackTrack 5

We’ve been asked numerous times to do a segment on getting started with the Ubertooth One, and while it’s specific to this hardware in nature the techniques involved are similar to that of many other tools.

If you’re not familiar, the Ubertooth One is an open source bluetooth testing tool made by Mike Ossmann in response to the lack of good bluetooth testing devices, or the ridiculously high price tags in excess of $10,000 for commercial monitoring equipment.

So in the same sense that we have inexpensive WiFi adapters that can go into monitor or promiscuous mode, we now have the Ubertooth One.

Now props to HarvestGardener on the BackTrack Linux forums for putting a lot of this together. Most of the Ubertooth development was done on Mac OSX but getting it going in Linux isn’t too difficult, thankfully.

So today I aim to setup dependencies and compile Ubertooth Tools in Backtrack 5 linux host machine. Currently does not work in VM — Libusb issues.

The first dependency you’ll need is pyside. It’s a PySide adds Qt bindings to Python, letting it use the cross-platform UI framework for some graphical goodness. You can download it manually from PySide.org or simply install it with apt. Unfortunately it isn’t in the default BackTrack 5 repository so you’ll need to add a personal package archive or PPA.

apt-get install python-software-properties
add-apt-repository ppa:pyside
apt-get update
apt-get install libnl-dev libusb-1.0-0-dev pyside-tools

Next we’ll need the PyUSB extension which provides USB access to Python.

wget http://downloads.sourceforge.net/project/pyusb/PyUSB%201.0/1.0.0-alpha-1/pyusb-1.0.0-a1.tar.gz
tar xvf pyusb-1.0.0-a1.tar.gz
cd pyusb-1.0.0-a1
python setup.py install

We’ll also need bluetooth baseband libraries so we can process raw bluetooth data. Thankfully libbtbb does the trick:

wget http://downloads.sourceforge.net/project/libbtbb/libbtbb.0.5.tgz
tar xvf libbtb.0.5.tgz
cd libbtbb
make install

Ok so we’re finally to the part where we actually get to the Ubertooth code. As of recording the latest version of Ubertooth software is release 238.

wget http://downloads.sourceforge.net/project/ubertooth/ubertooth-r238.tar.gz
tar xvf ubertooth-r238.tar.gz

This archive contains the latest firmware for both the Ubertooth One and Ubertooth Zero, the KiCad files if you’re so inclined to make your own Ubertooth, documentation and host software including a few bluetooth tools, kismet plugins and a fun little spectrum analyzer.

Since Bluetooth operates in the same 2.4 GHz ISM band as WiFi, we can actually use the Ubertooth One as a basic spectrum analyzer and see all of the WiFi signals for a given area.

python specan_ui.py

Alright, that’s a lot of info so we’re going to stop right here and pick up next time with compiling Kismet from source with the Ubertooth Plugin, capturing our first Bluetooth packets, installing the Wireshark plugin and finally analyzing the good stuff. If you haven’t already checked it out you can find the Ubertooth One at HakShop.com along with the documentation and source files if you’re crafty with the soldering iron and eager to build your own.

Boot multiple ISOs from one USB with these free tools

Having several tools on several USB’s or CD’s can be a pain in the butt, especially when you’re looking for a specific one but don’t remember which USB you put it on. To save us from this trouble, there are many applications available online that let you create one multibootable USB drive. Thus, you can store all your tools on one USB drive instead of ten. We’ve reviewed YUMI, UNetBootin, Darren’s done his MultiPass, and I’ve checked out Katana. This week, I’m checking out a couple of your user picks, XBoot, and Sardu.

The first one is XBoot. Its a light weight utility for creating multiboot USB’s OR CD’s. To use it, download the zip file from their website. Open the application and plug in your USB flashdrive. Now, you’ll need to have some ISO’s already downloaded on to your computer or you can go to File–>Download and choose some of your favorite utilities and linux distros.
Once they are done installing, drag the ISO’s into the box under the Create Multiboot USB/ISO tab. For mine, I chose Ophcrack, Clonezilla, and Puppy Linux. On the side, you can see the total size of the files added, you can remove files, look up the MD5 hash checksum in case you’re wondering if it’s the actual tool, and at the bottom you can choose to create your ISO Live CD or USB bootable flash drive. I’m choosing my FlashDrive. Double check the Selected USB drive to make sure it’s not your operating system drive. Then, this is cool, you can choose your Bootloader. I’ll stick with the recommended Syslinux, but you can also choose Grub4dos or not install one at all.
Then, when you click next, it’ll start copying all your ISO’s to your thumbdrive and create the bootloader. This may take several minutes, so just kick back and relax.

Once the USB is created, you’ll have the option to run it on QEMU to test it. You can also edit the flashdrive, by clicking the tab that says Edit Multiboot USB.

The second one is Sardu. Sardu is a program I found that was apparently made by Vikings using hieroglyphics. You simply plug in your flashdrive, click on your choices for Antivirus, Utilities, Linux Distros, and/or Windows CD’s, and choose make bootable USB. Clicking on the different utilities and linux distros will download them from their websites. You can also click ISO at the top and choose Make ISO, then click on an ISO folder to choose it for your flashdrive. I downloaded all of mine into my downloads folder, so I just navigate to the downloads folder and click OK. When done, click the cute little USB button and wait for it to finish creating the bootable USB. Once done, you can boot off your flashdrive using SuperGrubDisk. The tabs at the top enable you to check the Hash, create and defrag your USB.

Now I’m going to restart my computer and boot into Syslinux for XBoot and Grub for Sardu and try them out!
Looks like it works, and works well. The three ISO’s that I chose boot properly, and I can add more if I want!””

So of these two, I have to say Sardu for Vikings took a bit more time for me to figure out how to get my ISO’s onto the USB and make it bootable. Turns out, I was just thinking too hard when trying to add my ISO folders! Xboot was pretty natural to figure out and it was easier to use. Xboot was my definetly my favorite.

So after googling for other multiboot creators, I found all the ones I could, but are there other ones? Do you use a tool that could make my life easier? Email me at [email protected]

Bash and Airodump-ng tips

Whether you’re trying to copy a PID from TOP or a BSSID from airodump-ng, when your terminal is constantly refreshing the task is cumbersome at best. So calm that screen with the shortcut CTRL+s. To resume simply hit CTRL+q. And specific to airodump-ng not only can you pause the screen with ‘space bar’, but there are all sorts of handy keystrokes like ‘tab’ – which lets you to scroll up and down the list of stations, ‘s’ which changes the sorting column, and my favorite, ‘m’ which marks connection groups with a colors.

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  • Wholly

    I have to say that I’m not a big fan of the split segments either. Although it does get the sizes down and does make it easier to find each block, it’s really distracting.

    I also found that you had some issues with volume levels during the commercials. That doesn’t happen when you “[email protected]#$-it and DO IT LIVE!”

    Content comment – Although I *WAS* interested in wifi, a full month (or has it beeen more?) of it 2 times a week is just getting tiresome. Sorry but I miss the creative commercials and the sense of unknown.

    I’ll take it this way if I have to but I miss the “whole” show with a little more creativity. Please don’t turn the show notes into six checkboxes you fill out.

  • Tyler

    I must agree with Wholly. I have been an avid fan of Hak5, and now the new HakTip but, I believe the Haktip is WAY to scripted, and almost creepy robotic Darren. “Hi welcome to HakTip, please surrender the next 10 minutes of your lives while I stand completely static, and stare into the camera while imputing commands…

    I absolutely love the show, and many of the topics have inspired several projects of mine but, the topics are always hit, and miss with very little follow-up. I respect the follow up on jasager/wifi pineapple, as well as, the ubertooth one sense they are both major marketing items.

    I believe the culprit may be revision3, and the way they are conforming most of the shows they host. Darren, find a way to burn that bridge or, figure out a fun way to present, and communicate the HakTip to viewers. You have always been awesome at this so, why should you have to let go of the reigns.

    Those who wear white still cast black shadows, and the recent topics are definitely showing the darker side of Darren’s mind(Which is AWESOME)

    The whitest knight shall cast the darkest shadow, muhahahaha…

  • Martin

    Karl Werner Lothar Koch (or just Karl Kock) called himself “hagbard”. 🙂

    The episode was awesome as usual!



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    Who were the girls on the photos?

    Do you scan it for hidden stuff inside the pictures? Digimarc or something like that ?

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  • Thorsten

    Darren, Paul & Shannon.

    As usual a great show. I personally don’t mind the segments. I did notice the audio level change as well, though.

    Looking forward to the next shows (including HakTip) and I hope you are doing well.



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