Hak5 2025 – DEF CON 24: Bluetooth Sniffing, Black Badges, DEF CON DarkNet and More!

DEF CON 24: VNC vulnerabilities, Blue Hydra bluetooth sniffing, making your own DEF CON Black Badge, and the DEF CON DarkNet, this week on Hak5!

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Dan Tentler (Viss) from Phobos Group talks VNC vulnerabilities – https://phobos.io/

Zero_Chaos and Granolocks from Pwnie Express talk Blue Hydra, a bluetooth sniffing tool

The “How to Make Your Own DEF CON Black Badge” team chat about their experiences reverse engineering the most coveted of DEF CON badges

CmdC0de and ZeroA discuss the DEF CON DarkNet story and badges

We’re heading to DerbyCon!

Special thanks to Viss for the drone footage, and Pronobozo for the music!
Support Pronobozo’s work here: http://www.pronobozo.com/

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