Hak5 1818 – Building a $600 VM Server

A $600 Server Build! Or, Building a Virtualization Server Nodes with the Next Unit of Computing. All that and more, this time on Hak5.

Download HD | Download MP4

Join us as we build the 2nd and 3rd server additions to their Intel NUC based Virtualization cluster. Check out http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/nuc/overview.html

While they aren’t well suited for every environment, Darren and Shannon check out some of the NUCs distinct advantages.

$700 for 5th Gen i7 model w/ 16 GB RAM and 250 GB SSD
$600 for 5th Gen i5 model w/ 16 GB RAM and 250 GB SSD
$500 for older 4th Gen i5 model w/ 8 GB RAM and 250 GB SSD

Low Power
~6 Watt Idle
~33 Watt Max load
~18 Watt average

Simple, Small, Portable
– 3 Total components in build. NUC + RAM + SSD
– Inexpensive to add nodes to cluster

– Lacks 2nd Ethernet adapter (remedied with USB3 Ethernet adapter)
– No RAID (Recommend NAS alternative)
– 16 GB RAM limit due to only 2 SO DIMM slots

Ideal use case – Open source virtualization cluster (we’ll be using XenServer) with separate NAS for storage. Live migrate VMs across nodes to load balance!! Estimated 16 VM per machine with the RAM topping out before Disk and CPU.

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