Hak5 1602 – Decoding Digital Subcarriers with a $20 SDR

Join Shannon Morse and Darren Kitchen this week as they dive into radio subcarriers! Using a $20 USB dongle, Free Open Source Software Defined Radio toolkits and a little bit of Python the gang sets out to decode digital signals embedded in broadcast FM stations. All that and more, this time on Hak5!

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Decoding Digital Subcarriers


Dale Chase’s New EP! Love++ Available at dchase.bandcamp.com


  • myles mcnamara

    Posted this in last weeks comments before I watched this episode, but funny you mentioned dependencies and using the iso install…but there’s also another option!

    I wrote a blog post about it here:

    But…to sum it up, GNU Radio created Pybombs which will allow you to install GNU Radio, and a list of about 50 other SDR packages/applications, and it will handle all dependencies along the way. No more lib.is.so.not.found!

    What makes it even better, is you can specify if you want it to look for a package first and then revert to source if it can’t find one, or vice versa, it makes installing gnu radio and a ton of other packages VERY easy on RHEL or Debian flavors.

    So would you like a list? Why not…

    airprobe, airspy, fecapi, glfw3, gnss-sdr, gnuradio, gqrx, gr-air-modes, gr-ais, gr-as, gr-baz, gr-benchmark, gr-bluetooth, gr-compat, gr-drm, gr-eventstream, gr-extras, gr-fcdproplus, gr-fosphor, gr-ham, gr-ieee-80211, gr-ieee-802154, gr-iqbal, gr-ldpc, gr-lte, gr-mediatools, gr-multimon, gr-op25, gr-osmosdr, gr-packetradio, gr-pocsag, gr-rds, gr-smartnet, gr-specest, gr-zmqblocks, hackrf, kal, libosmo-dsp, openlte, osmo-sdr, pmc, pocsag-mrt, pysstv, rtl-sdr, simple_radio_astronomy, theron, uhd, wireshark

  • Maverick

    Ubuntu wasn’t offering anything newer than GNU Radio 3.6, but I found this website that has for ubuntu, windows, and others.

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