Hak5 1124 – WiFi Hacking Workshop Part 3

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    • john

      hello again

      downloaded again direct from hak5 . was better but there was a little audio sync delay.

      original download was via podkicker android client on HP touch pad.



  • John

    FreeSSHD is a free ssh tunnel software for windows. Pair that with kitty or putty and your golden. Although I have had issues with RDP through FreeSSHD and from my understanding it is a known bug.

  • Bob

    Awesome set of videos!

    Learned sooo much generally about Wifi, and looking forward to receiving my wifi pineapple for some fun.

    Thanks again guys, keep it up 🙂

  • sp4m

    I enjoyed the presentation, thanks for that.

    Can you do a segment on how-to mimic jasager functionality with airbase-ng? Do all the cool stuff withouth having to buy the pineapple (sorry no $$). Maybe even include tips for middler, beef etc.
    Or since you briefly mentioned some gsm stuff during the presentation. Do a how-to on gsm with the use of the $20 dab/dvb dongles based upon rtl-sdr and grc 🙂

    Keep up the good work!

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  • Jack Kirby

    Darren cuts lose with the in’s and out’s of the Pineapple.
    This is the third in a great series on How-To (blank) your Wi-Fi. Or someone else’s.
    There are many little pearls of wisdom so pay attention please. Like how NSA protects their VoIP.

    See the previous series to get the most out of them.

    Hak 1123 – WiFi Hacking Workshop Part 2

    Hak5 1122 – WiFi Hacking Workshop Part 1

    We are looking forward to what will be covered next. 🙂

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