Hak5 1115 – Encryption 101

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    • BDIZ

      What is the deal with the recent episodes of Hak5? They have become Darren pretty much conducting the episodes like a boring college lecture. It’s just him writing on the table with markers and Shannon saying “Ooooh Oookkk”. You would think the host of a Tech show would be teaching the audience… not one host boring the audience while teaching the other host! Used to be a big fan…..

  • Geekpirat


    first a question about ARC4 / RC4 – so as we know it is used in WEP. And WEP ist broken. Is the ARC4/RC4 “always” broken? Or just in the way it is implemented in WEP?

    Second: Did you noticed the banner glitch showing the trivia question? 🙂
    Oops! 😀


  • Geekpirat

    Hey there again,

    second try to post my question:

    First: As the RC4 Stream Cipher is broken in WEP, does this also mean it is “always” broken? Or just the WEP implementation?

    Second: Have you noticed the banner glitch while the trivia? 😉
    Oops! 😀

    Third: Awesome show! I always learn new stuff.


  • Jon Austin

    Just wanted to say thanks for the episode. I was studying for my Security + Certification exam last week, only to find the episode on my Tivo. It made a great addition to my studies.

    And BTW, passed…..

  • HitmanBoogy

    The hosts of hak5 are great but, could they not consolidate the things taught or give a summarization of everything at the end of the episode.

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