Hak5 1012 – Virtual Acces Point Gui’s, Google Doc tools, and EXT partition file Recovery

This time on the show, GUIs for Virtual Access Points, we round up the
best Google Docs tools, recovering files from EXT partitions and VPN
routes. All that and more this time on Hak5.

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Google Doc Addons

Google Docs has been around for a while now and it’s been my doc
sharing tool of choice. It’s pretty easy to get around Google Docs-
everything from sharing to editing- but there are some handy addons to
give you extra abilities.

First is Google Docs Notifier. This is a simple windows add-on that
notifies you of any unread edits to existing docs in Google Docs. You
download the program, log-in (and I should mention, if you use two
factor auth like I do, you’ll need to add this program to your app
specific passwords in the security settings in your Google account),
and it’ll show you all the Documents that have been updated since you
last logged into the program. It’ll be minimized to your taskbar, and
will show you a little popup bubble if anything is updated while the
program is open. Also, if you hover over the icon, it’ll give you a
bubble saying “”— Unread Documents””. Just double click on a
document to open it in the browser.

The next one is a tool called Nocs – basically a notepad for Google
Docs. From Nocs, you can open up any docs that are on your Google Docs
account, edit them, and save them. You can also create new files and
save them to your Google Docs as well or load documents from your PC.
Then, next time you open your docs on your browser, you’ll see the new
edits and files waiting in your list.

Next is Send To Google Docs. Send to Google Docs is a chrome extension
that will save any website as a PDF and port it over to your Google
Docs. This tool requires no extra authentication since it’s in Chrome,
and to use it just browse to a page you want to save, click the Send
To Google Docs icon, wait for it to convert, then it’ll give you the
option to look at the PDF and save it. I could think of a few really
good uses for this program already!

I’ll have links to each of these programs in the shownotes, but I also
want to hear your feedback on Google Doc tools. Email me your favs at
[email protected] or comment below.”


Psyhomb writes:

how to exclude the grep command from grep instead of this cmd

ps aux | grep init | grep -v grep ;done

You can use this cmd (you can put any letter, in square braces)

ps aux | grep [i]nit ;done

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