Hak5 1011 – Windows Software Access Points, Ubuntu 11.10 and Home Network Bottlenecks

This time on the show, can we borrow a cup of WiFi? Darren shows us how to relay a Wireless signal with Yagi antenna and a Software based access point. Ubuntu 11.10 is out and with it a new version of Unity. Does it suck? And where’s the bottleneck on your network if your cable modem is 30 Megabits and your wireless router is supposedly 54? All that and more, this time on Hak5.

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Windows 7 SoftAP

Short story: Darren moved. Everything is in boxes. He thinks he misplaced his wireless access point. All he wanted to do was watch some netflix. Unfortunately Netflix isn’t for Linux, but thankfully he had the perfect media center PC. An old laptop with a broken screen running Windows 7 — which he turned into a software-based access point to relay the signal from the access point he found, um, down the street using a USB WiFi Adapter and a directional yagi antenna.

Long story: A new WLAN feature supported on Windows 7 and on Windows Server 2008 R2 with the Wireless LAN Service
This service both virtualizes the physical wireless adapter so it can be used as multiple virtual adapters, and a software-based access point, or SoftAP, can be created.
Only one physical wireless adapter can be used with this new feature so if multiple wireless adapters are present only one will be virtualized

The SoftAP has limitations. It will not resume after sleep mode, hibernate or a restart. The SoftAP also does not provide DNS resolution. This can limitation can be worked around by either specifying a DNS server on the client machines, or by enabling Internet Connection Sharing on the interface.

When connecting to a wireless hosted network from another Windows 7 machine FQDN resolution back to the host is capable only if Private is selected from the network category pop-up.
The SoftAP or HostedNetwork is obviously very different from an ad-hoc wireless network. The SoftAP runs in infrastructure mode providing network services like DHCP. If ad-hoc wireless services are started, the SoftAP will be destroyed.

Unlike an ad-hoc network, this SoftAP must enable WPA2-PSK/AES encryption.

To setup Internet Connection Sharing with this feature you must set the public interface as the Ethernet or wireless adapter connected to the Internet, then set the private interface as the virtual adapter hosting the SoftAP.
There is no GUI interface for setting up the hostednetwork or SoftAP in Windows 7. To see all available settings open an administrative command prompt and issue netsh wlan /?

The configuration we’re interested in is he set property. Issuing netsh wlan set /? shows available options, and issuing netsh wlan set hostednetwork /? provides examples.

We’re going to start a hosted network with the SSID of noobcake and the key of 12345678. So issue netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=noobcake key=12345678. Once set the SoftAP can be started with netsh wlan start hostednetwork.

Then if you’re feeling up to it you can lower the firewall with netsh wirewall set opmode disable. This part is especially useful if you’re delivering this as an attack, say with the hidden-access-point payload for the USB Rubber Ducky.

Ubuntu 11.10 Review

The new version of Ubuntu released a couple of weeks ago, so I downloaded the iso to check it out. First thoughts: unity has been improved and the dash is cleaner, but could still use a few upgrades. They did a few things that I do like and a few things I don’t. So Unity- the left side app launcher is still there, and they cleaned up the buttons a bit. It’s a lot easier for new or light users of Ubuntu, as well as more stable, so I agree with the changes that they made to that. The Ubuntu icon button has been moved into the dock, too, which cleaned up the top menu a bit. The top menu has been reorganized, which advanced user might not be too happy about. I don’t mind as much because it made everything really easy to find. The desktop menu at the top can now be hidden, and when hovered over it gives you all the obvious- file, edit, etc.

Now for this thing called the Dash. The home screen is still covered with gigantic icons, with firefox and thunderbird being the internet and email browsers of choice, instead of the older Evolution. The Dash is cleaner and nicely consolidated and now you can minimize and maximize the window where the Dash is found. There is a bottom switcher with a new music collection menu that works with Banshee. The advanced filtering features have been improved as well. Once you start using it alot, the apps menu on the Dash will include a ‘most frequently used’ option. You might see multiple entries for the same app between the three options though.

Now, the Ubuntu software center has also been updated with a new interface.

The GNOME login has been replaced with a LighDM interface, and the GNOME desktop environment that I totally love, is no longer a default choice. It’s still available in the repositories, though.

So overall, I like the upgrades that the team has made to the Unity interface, but why take away GNOME? I like having my options because I don’t always want to use the same thing.

What do you think of the new Ubuntu? Have you upgraded yet? Email me at [email protected] and let me know what you think!


Oliver wrote in:

You need a quick scan for your local network to see which devices are online? Simply do this:

for i in {1..254}; do ping 192.168.0.$i -c1 -w1 |grep "icmp_req=1" ;done

I love to do this for DNS, too:

for i in {1..254}; do nslookup 192.168.0.$i |grep name ;done

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  • barbsie

    use the force properly, luke:

    #multiprocess forward lookup / take dns.txt file from dnsenum
    awk ‘{print $0.”.microsoft.com”}’ dns.txt | xargs -n1 -P0 host | grep address

    #multiprocess reverse lookup class B
    echo 192.168.{0..255}.{1..255} | xargs -n1 -P0 host

    #multiprocess zonetransfers on all NS
    dig microsoft.com NS | awk ‘/^microsoft.com/ {print “@”$5 ” microsoft.com axfr”}’ | xargs -P0 -n3 dig

    Glad to be of service

  • Konquerer

    Hey, I was just wondering where you ordered that Yagi Antenna from. Also, did you order that little tripod for it separately, or did it just come with the antenna?

  • Ebo

    The frequency analysis cipher, I’m not sure how to work it out. I’m no cheating, but I just simply want to know how you decipher it.
    I know that there is a table (a,b,c), and I know that the letter e is the most common letter in the alphabet.
    I just dont know how you get the table to work the code out

  • skexie

    I enjoyed your explanation of the hosted network info in Win7. It sounded REALLY familiar, and I think it’s for a good reason:

    I have the D-Link WiDi TV adapter DHD-131 Mainstage, which connects wireless from my i7 laptop to my TV. I’m no wiz, but through a little bit of snooping around my machine’s NIC connections when WiDi is activated (and connected), then sniffing traffic on the IP range that was different from my normal IP range in my network, I was able to locate this PAN between my laptop and the D-Link. I’ve been looking for ways to tap into this proprietary tech from Intel, but haven’t found much yet.

    I’m still not entirely sure how the D-Link is connecting or distinguishing the PAN settings, but I think you just explained the host process (W7) well. I’ve also been able to connect to the hosted network from other laptops (Linux and Windows), but haven’t figured out the data transmission just yet.

  • John

    I think this is just specific to the new kernel used in 11.10, but since updating my eeepc901 to Ubuntu 11.10, I have been getting kernel panics, this hasn’t happened on my Dell fatbook, so me thinks it’s the specific hardware in the eeepc901 that doesn’t jive with the newest linux kernel, but that’s currently my only gripe thus far about Ubuntu 11.10.

  • bryanf

    Regarding the viewer question about wireless speed vs cable modem speed for bottleneck, remember that 802.11 protocols are half-duplex. So if they’re advertising a theoretical maximum of 54Mbps for a single 802.11g connection you’re going to top out at 27Mbps. If it’s multiplexing multiple g connections that will boost it some, but…

    … it’s extremely unlikely that the network will negotiate at 54Mbps anyway, unless you have the AP sitting beside the client, which somewhat defeats the point of wireless (just run some cat5/6 ;).

    And also remember that the more active devices you add to a wireless network, the slower it will be, not just from the saturation of the spectrum and interference but also because only one device can talk at a time, so the control overhead and retransmission requirements increase significantly.

  • BauerPower

    I just downloaded Linux Ubuntu 11.10 onto a memorex CD-R 52X 700MB 80min disc. When I put the disc in the drive, it gives me a message to “run wubi.exe”. When I click and yes to that and the message asking me to let it make changes to my computer I am lead to a mesage asking whether I want to demo from a CD, install, or learn more. I to demo Ubuntu from a CD and then go to a screen where it asks to reboot. if I click reboot now it reboots. Now here is the issue. I guess there’s suppose to be a screen that says to try Ubuntu but I never get that screen when my computer reboots. If I get the chance I may just toss this disc and get a flash drive but for the moment I have to use a disc so please don’t say to put it on a flash drive or install it directly to my computer. Help? Thanks!
    Also, if you wouldn’t mind helping with any additional trouble I may encounter or you may just want to email me so we can communicate about the results then my email is [email protected]
    When I reboot my computer I try pressing f8 & f12 (both with and without the function key). I’m not sure how I can get to the BIOS stuff.
    When I reboot my computer I try pressing f8 & f12 (both with and without the function key). I’m not sure how I can get to the BIOS stuff. I’ve rebooted several times and nothing happens

  • Louie

    This is so cool I just bought the ALFA USB WiFi AWUS036H
    you talked about. Look forward on doing my sniffing around my network, and see what I could find.

  • John

    Want to know where can I get the yagi antenna as I seen it for sale at the hack shop but now don’t see it anymore anyone can give me some help of where I can get it or if the hak shop will have it for sale once again.

  • Jerk Diggler

    I just swooped up an (alleged) 25dbi yagi that looks just like this. I’m trying to mount it on a tripod as well. I was wondering if you had probems with tipping due to the shape. I was going to build a bracket to offset the fulcrum, but noticed you @ hak5 aren’t using one. I’m assuming the yagi isn’t very heavy, so no tip? Thoughts apreciated.

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