Hak5 1008 – Metasploit 4, Smartphone App XSS Attacks and Trans-Atlantic Ballooning

This time on the show, HD Moore talks Metasploit, Kos talks cross-site scripting smartphone apps, Brad from Level1 sends a balloon across the pond, and Darren pipes a thing into a thing and makes something happen. All that and more this time on Hak5.

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Metasploit 4 with HD Moore at United Security Summit

Darren catches up with HD Moore, creator of Metasploit and CSO at Rapid7, at the United Security Summit to talk about the latest innovations in the popular penetration testing tool as well as a few odds and ends. Mostly odds.

Hacker Headlines Remix

This week Paul mixes up with Hacker Headlines with a little creative chroma-keying. DaleChase.com for more great nerdcore.

Keywords: Dale Chase, Hacker Headlines,

Trans-Atlantic Ballooning with Brad from LVL1 Hackerspace at Derbycon

Darren meets Brad from the LVL1 hackerspace in Louisville, KY to talk about their project to send a balloon across the pond.

Nibble – Untar’ing from the web

Anonymous sends in this nibble for bash! “# Download and extract archives without permanently storing the .tar.gz file wget -O – http://www.example.com/archive.tar.gz | tar xvfz -”

Cross-Site-Scripting Smartphone apps with Kos at Derbycon

Cross-Site-Scripting attacks aren’t just for websites anymore as Kos demonstrates at Derbycon!

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