Exploitation Using Java RMI Service – Metasploit Minute

Metasploit Minute – the break down on breaking in. Join Mubix (aka Rob Fuller) every Monday here on Hak5.


  • HacK3r D4!veN

    Mubix I love your show I think its great I rarely comment and this is one of those time where I must sing praise. Hak5 has changed my life and given me new passion , since its 3rd season and shows like yours help me to dive into hacker culture and make it a slice , uniquely my pwn. I have come to the realization some time ago that I want to get involved. I read room 362 and I dream to get involved like you have become. I am currently pursing education centered around info Sec and hopefully one day can put it all together with the right education and certifications. I can achieve this feet in my life through the motivation of shows like Metasploit minute and Hak5, but it all comes down staying passionate ( also you allowing us to share your passion) and staying… HacK3r D4!veN!!!!!

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