Hak5 907 – Detect man-in-the-middle attacks, code an Android live wallpaper, what happened to BeOS and more!

Detecting ARP Cache Poison Attacks in Windows and Linux, Programming an Android live wallpaper in a matter of minutes and Delving into Haiku, the successor to the beloved BeOS. Plus, Unlocking files in Windows, HDMI capture cards, Hacker Cookbooks and how to properly eat Vegamite. All that and more, this time on Hak5

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Hacker Headlines

Pastebin is getting a lot of hacker love this week. A duo of Romanian grey-hats, TinKode and Ne0h of Slacker.ro claimed responsability for hacking MySQL.com…using an SQL injection attack. Oh the irony. The attack compromised MySQL.com usernames and password hashes — which can be easily rainbow-tabled. Of the more interesting snippets we learned that the director of product management at WordPress, for example, used a four digit password on the site…4 of ’em.

NASA’s computer network is seriously in need of some security upgrades! According to a recent audit, NASA has a bunch of security flaws that haven’t even been touched for months. These security holes could lead to defacement, DOS attacks, and ‘information stealing’ attacks. Luckily though, since this has been out in the open, those flaws have been fixed. But have they really found all the issues? Looks like my chance to control the rockets has been lost.

Remember last week when Comodo was hacked, issuing unauthorized SSL certificates for Microsoft, Google, Yahoo and others? Comodo released an incident report that tracked the hack back to an Iranian IP. The company went on to allege that the sophisticated attack must have been “state-driven”. Well, the alleged Comodo hacker has stepped forward explaining that he has no association with the “Iranian Cyber Army”. He bragged about how simple it was to issue the bogus certificates after disassembling a Comodo’s signing DLL and discovering a plaintext username and password. Ouch. The hacker went on to pastebin the source of trustDLL.dll… Yeah, time to rename that trust bit…

Sony is at it again! The company claims Mr. George Hotz seems to have sabotaged two hard drives he had to surrender to the court, then he skipped town and went to South America! But according to Hotz’s lawyer, they just forgot to attach the controller cards for the drives. But he had nothing to say about Hotz’s vacation… hmmm…

Our UAV is online! Or at least the SmartBird, a new herring gull inspired ultralight from the Festo Bionic Learning Network. Video of the bird shows near lifelike soaring, take-off and landing. Still no word on whether they can be equipped as a WiFi attack platform.

Kerby’s TCP Packet of the Week

  1. Meow SYN
  2. Meow SYN-ACK
  3. Meow ACK

Follow-up: File Unlockers

File Unlockers like Unlocker and Lock Hunter are pretty popular. Here are a couple of your user picks:

Jon tells us: You were talking about unlocking locked files in Windows and were asking about other tools. One that I like is FileASSASSIN, which is a utility inside of MalwareBytes, but it deletes locked files instead of just unlocking it. It has come in handy for me during virus infections or even when a certain antivirus has gone crazy. FileAssassin can be downloaded as a portable tool and can be used to delete any file, including malware.

Got some tips, follow-ups, or just plain cool software for us to check out? Email [email protected] and we’ll share them!

Remember BeOS? How about Haiku!

Have you ever heard of BeOS? BeOS was this classic operating system created by Be Inc in 1991 to compete against Mac OS and Windows. The GUI was clean and uncluttered, the API was written in C++, and command line interfacing was available. But, sadly, BeOS was never meant to be. Only the big fans use it these days, but another OS took off in it’s place. This Open Source operating system was called Haiku. Lucky for us, Haiku is being maintained to this day, with the newest release recently in May 2010. Haiku was first created back in 2001, under the term OpenBeOS, but wasn’t self-hosting until 2008. Today I’m delving into the world of Haiku to give you an introduction to this easy-to-use Operating System.

Haiku can be found at http://www.haiku-os.org/.

It’s key features include:

  • A focus on personal computing
  • The custom kernel designed for responsiveness
  • It has a fully threaded design for efficiency with multi-processor/core CPUs
  • Rich Object Oriented API for faster development
  • A database-like file system (OpenBFS) with support for indexed metadata and a unified, cohesive interface

Haiku can be downloaded to your computer or you can download it onto a USB stick. Yay portable!

To install Haiku on a flashdrive simply follow these steps. You’ll need a decent size USB flash drive, mine for example is 4 GBs. The extracted files are less than 1 GB so you’d be fine with a smaller drive.

First download the anyboot image file from the download page: http://www.haiku-os.org/get-haiku. Also, download ImageWriter from https://launchpad.net/win32-image-writer so you can write image files onto a USB. You can unzip ImageWriter to wherever you want. I created a folder called ImageWriter and unzipped it there. Once the Haiku Anyboot image file is downloaded, unzip it to wherever you want again. Rename the haiku-anyboot.image file to haiku-anyuboot.IMG so ImageWriter sees it. Open ImageWriter, select the image file haiku-anyboot.img, choose your USB stick drive (and make sure to double check it like 7 times so you don’t end up overwriting your original OS!), and click ‘Write’. It’ll take less than 5 minutes to do so, but don’t remove the USB stick during the process. When it’s done, you can restart and boot onto the USB flashdrive. If it doens’t work the first time, you may need to go into your BIOS and chance the Boot list to your USB first, instead of your original OS hard drive.

Now that I have Haiku booting onto my laptop, I can show you a little bit about the OS.

Haiku is very clean and crisp, with no crazy stuff going on. It’s very unobtrusive and easy to learn. This ‘deskbar’ up at the top is where you go to find all your applications and change any customizations you want to make. I played with a lot of the demos and applications, and it gave me a general idea of how well this OS works. A couple of neat things I found out were:
You can open up and use the terminal
Built in file converter
Sudoku demo game

Haiku is open source, so there will always be new things added to it. So if you’re bored of your current OS and want to tinker around with something new, give it a try. There are great user guides and forums at their website, as well as a slew of other information. So, enjoy!

Email me at [email protected] if you have a fun program for me to check out on a future Snubs Report. We’ll be back after a word from Darren with this week’s HakTip.”

Detecting ARP Cache Poisoning Attacks

Last week Shannon re-visited the ol’ ARP Cache Poisoning attack using Cain and Abel. Personally I’m a fan of dsniff and Ettercap. Regardless, the basics of the attack are this:

  • Monkey-in-the-middle tells router he’s you.
  • Monkey-in-the-middle tells you he’s the router.
  • Monkey-in-the-middle likes mountain dew.

This is achieved using ARP packets, which are how nodes identify themselves on IP networks.

Enter XARP – an advanced ARP Spoof detection suite.

Darren demos the usage of XARP in this video

I want to say thanks to Christian for sending this by. If you want to send something by, please do. For 70% of you just hit your windows key and type mailto:[email protected] I assume the other 30% are using Pine. Or would that be Elm? Let us know!

Android Live Wallpaper

Jason shows us how to program an Android Live Wallpaper


Last week’s question was: In what episode of the X Files can the Lone Gunmen be seen attending DefCon in Vegas?

The answer: 6×19 Three of a Kind

This week’s question is: What is this prototype built in 1998 that encrypts telephone calls using the symmetric encryption algorithm IDEA?

Answer at hak5.wpengine.com/trivia for your chance to win some swag!


Hackers for Charity Cookbook

304geeks are putting together a Cookbook to benefit Hackers for Charity. The cookbook is by Hackers, for hackers. Expect to see recipes from Ron Gula of Tenable, Larry from PaulDotCom, DarkOperator, Mike Poor of Inguardians, Dave Kennedy and more. We’ve submitted our own recipes and we encourage you to get in on this delicious project.

Bilbo Frag wrote:

I recently watched your episode on picture frame case modding and disagree with Darren’s comment regarding his disregard for the importance of safety goggles when addressing his “vacuuming assistant”. For reasons of personal safety and to reduce your legal liability should someone get hurt doing what your show is promoting it would be prudent to suggest that one always uses proper safety equipment when working with power tools.

Whata Name writes:

When drilling or cutting through a finished surface to reduce splintering and wood chunk knock outs try masking tape over the area to drill or cut and that should make a cleaner look.

Nerocon wrote:

The easiest way to make it look good would be to use a block off plate. Do like you did on the second case and remove a large section of the frame, Use some quarter inch plexi or lexan (comes in all colors) to cut a panel big enough to cover the section you removed. Use some little angle brackets to mount it to the frame. Then you can cut the proper sized holes with a dremel to fit the jacks you want easily using the jacks as a template.

The plug for power you would want to get is a C14 panel mount connector.

You could also do the Rj45 (ethernet) on the same block off plate easily with a chassis mount rj45 pass through jack (also called panel mount, bulkhead.. and also known as feed through) The feed through, or pass through allows you to use a patch cable on the inside from the jack to the network adapter so you don’t have to dick around with getting the wires right like most keystone rj45 jacks.

Also if you want to get really fancy, you can cut another section out of the frame, and mount a 3.5″ bay mount card reader with audio, eSata, usb, and firewire giving you easy access if you need to plug in a head. (of course for a full head you would need to extend the video with a cable and another chassis mount DVI/VGA/HDMI panel mount plug on the block off plate.

~Clifford writes:

On the last show you answered the question about what camera’s you are using for the great HD content. I was wanting to know if they could be hooked up to a computer and used by the flash media encoder for ustream. I do live streams over ustream mostly on the go and need to pan and zoom. that is why this question is so important since I am looking for a camcorder with HD that can connect to a computer, or do you have another recommendation?

Darren recommends the Black Magic Intensity family.

~Tayler from Australia writes:

you have to have Vegemite with butter and bread

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    Have you fixed your radio mics yet? Sounds like transmission issues… check your antennae and batteries, try changing the channels too.

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